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Renovating a household is a big ask. For all of the guides, how-to’s and instructional videos online, you may think it’s easy. But the truth is that tearing down any interior of a home and restructuring it with a new specification does take work, even if most of the hard labor is undertaken by services you use to perform the task.

This is because a home, while not necessarily a blank canvas, does have various options in terms of how you design and develop its interior space. For instance, it might be that knocking through a wall is a feasible option, but what if you just wish for an archway linking the two rooms? What if that wall is a supporting wall, and your options are limited? What if you hope to completely re-orient the space in order to get more natural light, or perhaps undo the past changes of a designed home gym to turn it into a renewed home office? Getting over the feat of first-time renovation can be worrying and for some people, scary.

For this reason, getting over the fear of such an ask might be a vital first step to pushing forward with your plans. In this guide, we’ll discuss how and why to do that:

Pre-Planning & Professional Design

It’s important to think about the pre-planning and professional design of your renovation, often using the aid of a professional architect. They can usually help you establish a worthwhile ‘blueprint’ as it were, that is dimensional representations of the amenities and fixtures in your home, and how you might extend or change that. From knocking through walls and seeing how to use the additional space, to what would happen if you converted part of the upstairs hall into a jutting-out en-suite for one of the rooms. What matters is that you have this survey to work from.

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Perusing The Tools & Equipment You Need

It’s important to consider exactly what tools you may be able to acquire yourself before asking for the contractors to come in and work with them. It might be that a given door fitting is something you’re truly keen on, and so purchasing that and placing it in storage could help. The same goes for the smaller but no less essential fixtures, such as steel building frames and other convenient installations to make the building process easier.

Costing Everything

When you plan all the work that has to be done, the quotes from the services you’re planning on booking, and a little wriggle room for additional expenses and insurance, you can come to a figure worth saving and keeping in mind. When you have a numerical figure you can look to and plan towards, you no longer have to worry about the larger worries involved with planning a renovation. Don’t be afraid if this needs to change slightly as you become more involved in the process, but always use this as a guide.

With this advice, you’re certain to get over the fear of first time renovation.

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