Portrait of lotor common raccoon next to the tree. Photography of wildlife.

When you are in your backyard with your family and pets, your goal is to relax and enjoy yourselves. Unfortunately, there are many backyard pests lurking around that can make your experience anything but fun. In fact, if they are allowed to linger around, certain pests can even put your health at risk. If you are curious as to which critters are harmless and which creatures can wreak havoc on your health, here are four pests that can definitely hamper your health.

Mice and Rats

If your backyard has lots of bushes or bird feeders that provide shelter and food for rats and mice, these pests will make themselves at home for an extended period of time. When they do, they bring fleas, ticks, and lice, which can make you and your pets very sick. Since rats and mice seem to be committed to urinating and defecating as much as possible, their waste can also carry harmful bacteria.


Along with being insects that are extreme nuisances during the summer, mosquitoes are well-known to carry and transmit serious viruses such as West Nile, Zika, and Equine Encephalitis. Since these viruses can cause severe illness or even death, it’s best to rely on pest control services such as Skeeter Beater to get a state-of-the-art mosquito treatment for your backyard. Mosquito removal specialists are able to identify and treat the areas on your property that pests are most likely to be nesting around.


Very adaptive to many different settings, raccoons are wildlife pests that can do serious damage to your yard and home. In fact, it’s not uncommon for raccoons to find their way into a home’s attic, storage buildings, or other spots, where they set up housekeeping and often have baby raccoons. Unfortunately, these animals are known to carry rabies, so you need to have them removed from your backyard as soon as possible.


Finally, ticks are some of the most common backyard pests and are also some of the hardest to detect and get rid of consistently. Often as small as a pinhead, ticks can transmit such serious diseases as Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever. To lessen the risk of having ticks in your backyard, you should do things such as mowing your lawn frequently, clearing overgrown areas around your home, and removing loose leaves from your yard, since ticks love to hang out on leaves.

When you find these or other pests in your backyard, it is best to leave their removal to experienced professionals. By doing so, you can gain peace of mind, keep you and your family healthy, and know dangerous pests will be removed correctly the first time.