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Dressing for work means finding a balance between professional attire and what makes you feel stylish. The days of only being able to wear boring skirt suits are out. There are lots of looks that can be worn that will make you feel great, feel comfortable, but still look like a professional. 

Ditch The Boring Work Dresses

A lot of women choose simple, plain, and often boring dresses when they need to buy dresses for their work wardrobe. These dresses might be professional, but they don’t make feel you stylish. If you don’t feel confident, you aren’t going to feel professional either. If you don’t feel good, ditch these dresses. 

There are lots of options for more stylish dresses that are still professional, as long as you choose the right shapes and styles, and pair them with the right accessories like smart shoes and classic jewelry like 2 carat diamond rings.

As an alternative, you could try:

  • Shirt dresses. These are always chic and a favorite for a reason. A shirt dress is classic and stylish. Choose a midi length and pair it with pointed pumps to make it suitable for the office. 
  • Wrap dresses. These are modest and flattering, which is a great combination for the office.
  • Knitted dresses. These often get overlooked, but knitted dresses are a stylish option that is perfect for workwear style. Choose one with mid-length and long sleeves for a comfortable office outfit.  

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Add Some Blazers

Blazers are a must-have for stylish office wear, even if you don’t choose to wear the full trouser suit with a matching jacket. A blazer can make any outfit look immediately chic and add a professional element to a more casual outfit. It can really help if you’ve put together an outfit that isn’t quite smart enough for work. 

If you do like the head-to-toe tailored style look for a more professional work environment, always make sure you get the fit right and choose a women’s suit that has been properly tailored. 

Neutral colors, like black and navy, are always a good choice for your work wardrobe, but you could also mix in blazers in softer tones like nude and camel, or bolder colors, like red. 

Invest In A White Shirt

A white collared shirt can look fantastic and very chic, or it can look cheap and badly fitting. Unfortunately, that line can be all too easy to cross. A button-down shirt is the perfect workwear piece to invest in. A designer piece could be ideal, as you won’t have to worry about your shirt looking cheap. 

Pair a crisp, well-tailored, white dress shirt with anything, such as a pleated midi skirt or leather-look trousers for a look that is smart enough for workwear, but still has attitude and style. 

If you aren’t a fan of shirts, make sure you have some high-quality white t-shirts in your closet instead, that can be layered with blazers and midi skirts for a more modern look.