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Moving to a new country to be with the love of your life is always a wonderful moment. But you must take care of some administrative and personal duties. If you are moving to the United States to marry your partner, here is what you need to know.

Prepare For The Change

Research the city that you are moving to. Talk to your partner about what it is like to live there, even if you have visited as a tourist. Get to grips with the public transport systems. Reach out to anyone else you know in the area to start building your own social network. Find out what the local climate is like throughout the year. 

Get Your Documentation Together

Gather the evidence that you are single, including divorce or death certificates if necessary. Provide documentation of any name changes for either partner, evidence that you have met more than once in the last two years (or evidence that you meet the waiver criteria), and evidence that your partner is a United States citizen. Show that you intend to marry within 90 days of arriving in the US. Contact the US embassy in your location about additional documentation.

Start The Visa Application Process Early

Talk to an immigration lawyer about what visa you need to apply for. Find out what documentation you need to prepare for a K-1 visa. Contact immigration experts such as Farmer Law PC to start your journey. Remind your fiancé or fiancée that, as an American citizen, they need to file the visa application. Remember that the process can take a long time. Fill the application out correctly and provide all the evidence needed to avoid having your application rejected.

Be Ready To Move Quickly

Organize as much as possible for your move before the visa has been approved. Plan to travel to the United States within four months of the visa being granted. Talk to wedding venues about their availability. Remember that there is a wedding boom anticipated this year. Budget for your wedding now to ensure you can afford what you want. Ask your fiancé’s family to help. Avoid committing to dates or spending money on the wedding plans until the visa has been granted.

Stay In Touch

Keep talking to your partner during the application process. Ask if there is more that you can do from your location. Remember that you should travel to the US before the visa has been granted. Consider that, even though you can visit on a tourist visa while your K-1 visa is being processed, border officials will ask what the purpose of your visit is. Keep things simple by waiting to visit until it has all been worked out.

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