Bathrooms, simply by being bathrooms, need a lot of care to remain as fresh as possible. One way is to have your bathroom smell nice. This is a great method for both making your experience in or while using the bathroom more comfortable and enjoyable, and for presenting a nice bathroom to guests. There are a few steps you can take to achieve a good-smelling bathroom.

Clean the Sink

The sink is one place where you might have lots of bacteria growing along with other issues such as mold or limescale. You need to make sure the sink is cleaned at least once every other day. Get underneath it and remove stubborn stains. This will keep things fresher and safer in your bathroom all day long.

Toilet Drops

Another option that can help keep those smells away is toilet drops. These are drops that you can add to your toilet before using it to prevent bad odors from emanating while you use the bathroom. They help keep the toilet fresh and nice smelling both when you really need them and over time. They’re also one way to help provide a nice place when you have guests over and want them to feel comfortable while being in your home. Keep a few stocked in your bathroom and use them as needed. You can even travel with bottles of spray to use in other bathrooms, both public and private, to make your time in there more comfortable.

Use a Scent Defuser

Modern defusers are easy to use. Studies show that people respond well to scents of all kinds. Think about the kind of scents you really like. The great news is there are quite a few on the market to pick from all year long. Consider scents that are about the current holiday. For example, when the winter weather settles in, now is the time to bring on scents like pine and cinnamon. As the weather gets warmer, you can turn to scents that remind you of times at the beach.

Remove Damp Items

Many homeowners chose to keep at least part of their laundry in the bathroom. This is where they might store damp towels before putting them in the wash. Keep in mind, that while this is convenient, it can also be a problem. Your towels can exude odors. It’s best to store them only on a temporary basis. Dampness can cause all kinds of problems such as mold that you don’t want anywhere in your home including the bathroom. The same is true of your other dirty clothing. If possible, separate the laundry room from the rest of the house including the bathroom. That will help you stay organized and keep your bathroom cleaner.

These simple tips are easy to implement in any bathroom and make for a more pleasant bathroom experience overall. Use them to keep your bathroom fresh and clean no matter if it’s just you at home by yourself or during a get-together with guests over.