Construction worker installing window in house

Well before the weather begins to warm up, there are some key maintenance tasks that you will need to carry out on your commercial building. A little bit of preventative maintenance and some professional assistance will greatly reduce your risk of leaks, skyrocketing energy bills, infestations, and other common issues that many business owners struggle with.

Inspect the Property for Winter Damage

Inspecting the building for any signs of damage is the very first thing that you should do near the tail end of winter. Heavy winter storms and cold temperatures can wreak havoc on a building and cause a myriad of problems. Some of the key areas that you should inspect include the exterior walls, rain gutters, irrigation system, and roof.

Seal Up Openings

There are many different reasons why you should spend some time air sealing your commercial building at least once or twice a year. In addition to lowering your monthly energy bills, sealing up gaps is also going to reduce your risk of a pest infestation. This type of project is usually carried out with caulk, weatherstripping, and a few other basic supplies that can be found at most home improvement centers.

Fix Roof Damage

Many business owners are surprised to hear that they don’t necessarily need to replace an entire roof if it is damaged or nearing the end of its lifespan. Spray on commercial roofing has become very popular in recent years, and a company like Tillotson Enterprise Inc can often apply that type of material in a matter of days. Spray foam roofing is going to seal up any minor cracks that are in the roof and add an extra layer of insulation to the entire building.

Service the HVAC System

Keeping your employees and customers comfortable should be one of your primary concerns, and that is one of the many reasons why your HVAC system should be inspected and serviced at least once every six months. Regular service calls will keep that system running smoothly and reduce your risk of a catastrophic breakdown during the sweltering summer months. Many HVAC contractors also offer robust guarantees on their work, and that is going to give you peace of mind throughout the year.

These maintenance tasks might seem like unnecessary expenses, but it is vital that you never ignore them. Keeping your commercial building well-maintained and damage-free throughout the year will allow you to avoid much bigger problems down the line.