The arrival of house guests should make you feel excited. A visit from friends will give you a chance to plan fun-filled activities. However, before those guests arrive, be sure to prepare your living space for them. To create a welcoming home as possible, consider the following.


Everyone knows that a home must be cleaned in preparation for house guests. However, some homeowners forget the little things. Don’t neglect to dust your furniture. Some people are sensitive and even allergic to dust. If possible, you could even have carpets and upholsteries professionally cleaned before your guests arrive. This is especially the case if you plan on watching a movie with your guests. If the TV and entertainment center has residual dust on all of the surfaces, it is likely that your guest will notice that will be staring at it for a couple of hours. 

Faucet Leaks

A leaky faucet or a slow drain usually gets our attention when it comes to repairs. However, sometimes homeowners forget the little things when they are expecting friends to visit. Your guests will notice those little things, though. Typically, faucet leaks can be fixed by tightening pipes or decreasing the water pressure. By not addressing these things, your friends might think you’re neglectful for not fixing these minor problems.

Creepy Crawlers

You’ll be hard-pressed to find friends who want to see bugs and spiders in your home. If you’ve noticed a few around your home, you could buy over-the-counter chemicals and sticky traps. However, some homeowners want to go a bit further and contact a professional. A pest control company can access your property and decide which products you need. They will apply chemicals themselves and handle your problem. Most extermination companies treat mice, insects, and even bed bugs.

Personal Items

You probably have some things in your home that you don’t want the company to see. Embarrassed by the books on your bedside table? What about your personal hygiene items? Be sure to put those things away in your private drawers and keep them out of communal living spaces. Even just placing the products in a covered container or something like that can make a difference in making your home feel cleaner and more guest-friendly.


Even if you don’t have a ton of stuff, leaving items out or having things stacked on top of each other can make your home feel and look cluttered. Even if all of your little nick nacks are organized by color and size, the fact that they are out can make that space look crowded and unclean. To prevent this, try to place things in organized bins or display fewer things in one space at a time. That way your home feels more clean and comfortable for your friends and family when they visit.

Bad Manners

No guest wants to be met with rude or uncouth hosts. Eat politely. Don’t interrupt your guests or overly criticize them. If you live with family or roommates, speak with them about manners and behaviors you think are important for them to practice while your guest visits.

Clean your home, rid it of dust, and fix small repairs before your guests arrive. Be sure to behave politely around your guests and welcome them. Above all, don’t forget to have fun and enjoy your guest’s visit!