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Summer is a prime time for adventure and fun, making it one of the most exciting times of the year. However, as smartphones and similar devices are all the rage nowadays and we use them for pretty much everything, vulnerabilities in design or device security can turn a fun trip into a total nightmare. In order to keep your family’s electronics safe this summer, here’s some advice to keep in mind.

Be Careful with Apps That Use Geolocation

There are many smartphone applications that make use of geolocation for one reason or another. Geolocation is the use of a cell phone’s signal in relation to a cell tower to determine a user’s location. It’s not really an issue in most cases, but in the wrong hands, geolocation can be used to track someone’s movements.

If your family has any apps that utilize geolocation, you should seriously consider if they’re necessary. This is especially the case with children as there are numerous children’s games in the form of apps that could potentially lead to dangerous situations if they’re out in public.

Get Your Devices Properly Repaired

Physical damage to phones is relatively common and while many forms of damage are simply an issue of aesthetics, it’s actually quite common for hardware problems to balloon out of control. A cracked screen or a dying battery can quickly turn into a huge issue for your phone’s usability and longevity. Not getting these problems fixed in a timely manner has been a decision many people have regretted and phone failures can hit at the most inconvenient times, such as when your car breaks down while you’re on a trip. Don’t hesitate to try to find an excellent iPhone repair in Houston or similar establishment to keep your devices in top working order.

Make Sure You Only Have Apps from Vetted Providers

Most apps today are downloaded primarily from the Google or Apple app stores. Downloading from these sources is very low risk because the applications are properly assessed as being harmless before they become publicly available. However, there are a plethora of places apps can be downloaded onto devices and it’s common for many of the apps from these uncertified platforms to contain various forms of malware. If you find yourself downloading this type of content, make sure to utilize anti-malware security programs to help keep your computer and data safe.

Make sure that all the applications from your phone or your family’s phones are from either the Google or Apple stores to prevent your devices from becoming infected with spyware or even potentially ransomware.

Develop A Strong Password for Your Mobile Devices

Having a decent layer of password protection for your phone or tablet is incredibly important. If you have private or confidential information on one of your devices, you don’t want random people snooping around your personal files. Having a strong password can prevent someone from looking at your information during moments when you’re not actively able to keep an eye on your device.

Decent password protection can also prevent your family members from accidentally doing something they shouldn’t. Young children are known for looking at inappropriate sites, downloading unwanted programs, and making purchases on unsecure devices when nobody is watching, which is an outcome you probably want to avoid.

Download Malware Protection

Whether it’s for a computer, a phone, or a tablet, always download malware protection onto your devices. There are a long list of scammers, jokesters, and generally unscrupulous people out there that can cause serious issues for you, your family, and your property. Malware protection will provide a firm line of defense against these individuals.

Being Safe

You can’t be 100% safe at all times, it’s just a fact of life. That being said, there are a long list of things you can do to mitigate any potential hassles, stressors, or dangers you might encounter and one of the best ways you can do that is to keep your family’s devices as secure as possible.