european perfumes

Your scent serves as an introduction to who you are. For this reason, you must invest in a perfume that represents you as a person. There are various ways of choosing the best perfume for you in pursuit of finding your signature scent.

Take Your Time to Try New Scents

Getting your signature scent is not a one-day affair. The reason for this is all perfumes come with three different notes. The top note is what you smell when you spray the perfume for the first time. It stays for about 15 minutes. Then you get the middle notes, which will last for an hour. After that, you get the base notes, which will last for hours or days based on their concentration. 

It is recommended to try not more than three scents at a time, so you get to know which scent suits you best. Most European perfumes have all these different notes, so take your time with them to get what will work for you.

Start with Milder Scents

If you have never used perfume before, you might be conflicted over which scents will work for you and which ones are not for you. The best way to go about it is to start with mild scents. 

Start with a mild perfume, like a toilette, before you advance and get a more potent perfume or cologne. The milder scents have a lower concentration of perfume, and in case you do not like them, no one will notice it on you. 

Mild scents are also cheaper, so you can get different scents to try out. Once you know what notes you like in your perfume, you can buy them in a higher concentration.

Test Before Buying the Perfume

Getting a new perfume is taking a lot of chance on it since, for the better part, you have no idea what you are getting. The best thing to do is go to a shop that offers testers. That way, you get to know whether a particular scent is the one you like or not. 

You might have received recommendations from friends about certain brands only for you to try them out and realize they are not for you. Testing the different perfumes will help you determine what suits you best.

Learn More About Perfume Notes

Perfumes are made from different notes which come together to form a scent. The notes will be divided into the top, heart, and base notes. For this reason, you find yourself smelling different things when you use your perfume. Here are the different notes in their categories and the types of scents you will smell for each note:

  • Fresh notes: They are citrusy and give off the hint of freshness. Since they are light, they are mostly used as top notes.
  • Floral notes: They give off a natural feeling. They are very subtle and can count as a top or middle note. Floral notes can be mixed with other notes for a dramatic feel.
  • Fruit notes: They are mostly used as middle notes because they blend easily. Even though they are fruity, they can be used to produce musky notes based on how you combine them.
  • Spice notes: If you are looking for a warm note that is potent, then you should go for the spicy notes. These notes mix well with flora and fruity notes to develop a deeper undertone. Besides the spicy notes like cinnamon, you also get the herby notes like rosemary.
  • Wood notes: These are more heart notes and have an earthy feel. They can be sandy, but they also have a sweet scent.
  • Musk notes: They are mostly used as base notes because they are deep and form perfect notes to build up other scents.

Look at the Prices

One of the things you will realize with perfumes is the price determines the quality. Cheaper perfumes will not last long and might not have all the notes you expect them to have. Invest in quality perfumes, as they will serve you for longer.


Getting the perfect scent is vital because it builds your confidence. If you are stuck on what scent you want, you can always get a store that mixes different scents for you. It might be costly, but it will go a long way to ensure that you have something you can wear daily.