For a business to function efficiently, there ought to be a constant flow of material that supports business functions. From stationary to first-aid supplies, essentials should be available at any given point in time.

For a business to function efficiently, there ought to be a constant flow of material that supports business functions. From stationary to first-aid supplies, essentials should be available at any given point in time. Essential supplies influence the performance of employees to a great extent. From multinationals to small businesses, office supplies never go out of style. Below is a list of eight key supplies that aid day-to-day business functions.

Packaging Options

Every business requires proper arrangement and storage of its documents. From cardboard boxes to envelopes and bubble wraps, having these in their numbers comes in handy in the smooth running of business operations. 

Packaging supplies are relatively affordable, and apart from keeping a business up and running, they also come in handy in fulfilling customer expectations. Other packaging options, including files and folders, come in handy in the organization of documents for future reference and decluttering. Folders also facilitate easy transportation of documents.

Writing Tools

These include pens, pencils, markers, highlighters, and erasers. Every once in a while, you will need to scribble something down in the office, highlight or even erase. Pens and pencils cover this need. 

On the other hand, you may need to carry out a presentation, and markers come in handy, especially when you need to demonstrate something on a whiteboard. An eraser allows you to correct notes or forget notes. Writing tools should be at the top of your supplies list in every purchase cycle.

Grouping Tools

Stapler, stapler remover, staples, paper clips, and rubber bands are necessary for grouping similar documents. Every business will more often than not find itself doing this. While all the aforementioned tools serve the same purpose, the utilization of each depends on how long you want the documents to stick together. A staple remover aids in ungrouping them and sorting them out when need be.


Calendars should not be an after-thought office supply. They ought to be a key priority when conducting a purchase. A printed calendar at the top of various desks in your business premises is not only an addition to office aesthetics but also an essential tool for setting reminders. 

In addition to this, calendars can also be used as promotional material. Issuing customers with calendars can come in handy in building brand recall and customer loyalty, making them a necessary office supply.

Broadband and Wi-Fi

Whether on-site or remotely, your staff need to communicate with one another for the smooth running of business functions, having strong and reliable internet connectivity enables collaborations amongst employees and between management and staff. 

With the digital revolution, a good number of business functions are being carried out online. Identifying a reliable internet service provider and having them install all that is necessary is the first step in ensuring seamless communication.

Laptops and Desktops

A business cannot turn a blind eye to these office supplies as they are essentially the backbone of today’s business operations. Computers’ vital role in managing customer databases, record keeping, and other key functions makes planning for their purchase or replacement a no-brainer for any business. Computers cut down on human input and help keep data well-organized and secure.

External Storage

At times, internal computer storage may be insufficient, making mass storage a must-have supply in the office. External storage also acts as a backup for your data. From HDDs to USBs, having a budgetary allocation for these devices is of the essence. With these tools, you can easily transfer data from one device to the other.

First-Aid Supplies

As a responsible employer and business entity, promoting workplace safety by ensuring that first-aid supplies are always available at your premises is very important. From tissue boxes to aid in case of a minor injury or when cleaning your desk space to first aid kits and fire extinguishers to cater for serious emergencies, first-aid supplies should take up a significant portion of your supplies budget.

Wrapping Up

The above supplies are vital in cost-cutting, facilitating smooth business communication, and aiding in the proper running of business functions. Essential supplies benefit several business stakeholders, including; management, employees, and customers. These supplies are consumable and regularly need to be replenished; hence a monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, or annual budget allocation should always be set aside for them.