In the current generation, children’s lives are different from what we knew growing up. Nowadays, children are more advanced and tech-savvy compared to previous generations. They would rather stay indoors and entertain themselves with their gadgets than go outside and play with other children.

Numerous studies show the negative impacts of new technologies and gadgets on children’s physical and mental well-being. If you are one of those parents trying every trick to get your child away from those screens and be more active, consider building them a treehouse. The kids will be intrigued by it and enjoy its uniqueness. Below are some reasons why you should build your child a treehouse.

More Outdoor Time

You will be surprised how much time they will start spending there. A treehouse will give your kids an opportunity to get more time outdoors. This way they can have some fresh air while climbing and jumping around, physical activities that are good for their health. Outdoor time will also improve the mood of your children, and they will be happier and less grumpy. A treehouse will motivate your children to start doing other enjoyable activities instead of just being on their phones or playing video games the whole day.

Environmentally Friendly

Constructing your treehouse using environmentally friendly materials will teach your kids the importance of looking after the environment. Explain to them how the materials used to construct the treehouse matter and their impact on the environment. Make sure you build the treehouse with durable materials so that your family can enjoy treehouse time even with harsh weather, so you don’t worry about issues like roofing repairs.

It Will be Like a Second Home

Spending time at the treehouse will provide good memories for your children, and they will reminisce on them when they get older. Think of fun activities which you can do with your family at the treehouse, like playing board games and having lunch picnics. Such activities will bond your family and make them connect. However, be careful with the activities you pick, especially with the children around. Everyone should be cautious to avoid slipping and falling, leading to injuries.

Private Time for the Kids

Just like adults need some unwinding time, children also want time alone. A treehouse gives them precisely that. They can play and express themselves there. It will be an excellent place for them to relax, and they could even tag along with their friends and spend time with them. However, it is important to have an adult keep an eye on them from a distance.

Conclusively, building a treehouse for your children can motivate them to go outside and play around with friends, which will give them exercise and a healthy dose of vitamin D. Today, kids like to stay inside with their electronics, but giving them something to look forward too when they enter the backyard will make them want to stay outside forever.