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No matter how old your kids are, you’ll need to be thinking carefully about their mental health. Some children will struggle with their emotions more than others, but thankfully, there is plenty you can do.

1 . Talk about emotions

If you want to support your children’s mental health, you should encourage your kids to share their emotions with you. Not all kids feel totally comfortable talking about their feelings, but you should invite them to do so anyway.

When your child is struggling to open up, try using games or toys to help them. Some little kids feel more comfortable expressing themselves through cuddly toys or drawings. Once you find something that works for your child, it’s easier to talk openly.

2. Offer tactics for stress

When your kids are feeling stressed they’ll need to find ways to relax and cool down. Children don’t always know how to deal with negative emotions, and so it can be useful to offer stress-coping methods. There are many activities that children can use to de-stress, including:

  • Playing outside amongst nature.
  • Listening to calming music.
  • Hugging cuddly toys or pets.
  • Yoga stretches.


3. Discuss social media

When your children get a little older they’ll probably want to start using social media platforms. There are plenty of benefits of social media, however, the internet can also be an unsafe place for children. If you’re going to let your kids use social media you’ll need to talk to them about the risks and set some ground rules. 

Cyberbullying is incredibly common, and it can really affect a child’s mental health. Your children must understand how to recognize cyberbullying. Your kids need to know how serious the issue is, and that they should tell you if anyone is upsetting them online.

4. Provide a healthy lifestyle

The best way that you can support your child’s mental health is to provide a healthy lifestyle. Ensure they get enough sleep, lots of exercise, and healthy food. Studies show that reading books is a fantastic way to boost mental health. Creative activities can also be incredibly useful.

In a tech-heavy world, our children need to connect with nature. Make sure that your children do plenty of outdoor activities, and that they learn about sustainability. You might consider starting a vegetable patch in your garden, and letting your kids help? From helping your kids with homework, to teaching about sustainability, there are plenty of ways to give support.

5. Protect them from relationship issues

Every marriage has relationship issues from time to time. To look after your children’s mental health, you must protect them. It’s especially important to do this if you are going through a divorce. To ensure the best outcome, you’ll need a good custody attorney on your side.

Supporting your child’s mental health is crucial, and there are plenty of ways that you can do it. When you focus on the right areas, you’ll ensure that your kids are safe and sound.