Not all people who experience sexual dysfunction will benefit from sex therapy, but many can find that the treatment is beneficial to their ability to enjoy intimacy in the long run. How does it work? What kinds of issues can it address? If you’re considering sex therapy as an option, here’s what you need to know:

What is Sex Therapy?

People turn to sex therapy for a variety of reasons. If you feel out of touch with your body, have experienced trauma, are dealing with an ongoing physical condition or chronic pain, or simply can’t shake a negative sexual experience such as rape or abuse, then you may benefit from seeing a therapist who specializes in sex therapy. You could also work with a sex therapist if you feel anxious about any part of your sex life—from its frequency to what types of positions you enjoy.

Common Reasons People Seek out Sex Therapy

Losing interest in sex, not having sex regularly, or pain during intercourse are common reasons for seeing a sex therapist. Covenant sex therapy, for example, is specific for married couples. Sex therapists often see married couples who are looking to have more fulfilling sexual experiences with their partners. They are especially common for those that have grown up being taught that sex is immoral. Are you experiencing any of these symptoms? Do you need help making your bedroom experience more pleasurable and healthy? If so, then you may be interested in a couples therapy session with a sex therapist.

Sex Therapy is for All People

Since sex therapy can involve talking about personal problems and sex, some people may feel uncomfortable with even just visiting a therapist for these reasons. However, in most cases, sex therapists are used to dealing with all sorts of sexual concerns, so it’s unlikely that you’ll be treated any differently than you would in other types of therapy. Therapists have to maintain confidentiality when working with clients; they’ll never tell anyone anything you say during a session unless it’s directly related to possible threats against your health or safety.

Benefits of Sex Therapy

The human body was not built to be alone. Human sexuality is a complex and intricate part of our lives; it affects nearly every aspect of it—physical, mental, emotional, spiritual. When any one of these aspects is out of sync with another (or others), we’re put in a situation where we can no longer function at our best. The goal of sex therapy is to bring your sexual function back into harmony with all other areas in your life.

Remember, sex isn’t just about physical pleasure; it should be enhancing every other aspect of your life. Many factors can interfere with how well you interact with others and sex therapy works to address this. 

Sex therapy can help people overcome sexual dysfunction, achieve sexual pleasure and deepen their relationships with others. Keep this information in mind as you consider whether or not sex therapy is right for you.