Modern interior of light bathroom with mirror and towels

If you recently built or purchased a home, it’s possible that you want to make a few upgrades. Master bathrooms specifically can be a great place to start since they set the tone for your entire day as you get ready in the morning. Whether your bathroom is boring or outdated, there are a few common things to consider for your renovation. These ideas should help inspire you to create designs that will impress your guests and make your home feel more modern and welcoming!

Color Scheme

Your bathroom’s color scheme should go with the rest of your house. Additionally, it should match your bedding, furniture, and carpet. You can use a color wheel to determine the relationship between colors in different rooms.

Wall Decor

If you have a lot of space, consider artwork that will add interest or make a statement. Place something more functional on the walls, like shelves, if you do not have much space.

Natural Stone

Limestone is a natural stone that can be applied in many ways. It is porous, soft, and warm to the touch. Architects have used it for centuries, especially during the Roman Empire! Your bathroom would look opulent if you used it to brighten an accent wall, or, if you prefer a more muted design, you could place it on the floor. This gorgeous stone comes in a variety of colors, including pink and white, but most limestone is gray or brown in color.

Modern Fixtures

Choose modern fixtures that are suitable for your bathroom’s size and layout, such as a large mirror. You could also choose an ultramodern design for the toilet, bidet, faucet, sink, and showerhead. In addition, acrylic bathtubs have grown in popularity due to their ease of use and versatility. Because of their variety in color, design, and shape, they can complement any bathroom decor. Compared to traditional baths, they are more affordable, have a longer lifespan, and are resistant to mold and mildew.

Where to Get More Inspiration

You can still find countless other design ideas for your new master bathroom by thumbing through home design magazines or by searching the Internet for pictures of fixtures, tiles, paint colors, and lighting.