In the high tech world of the digital age, pastimes based on reading and writing may not be as exciting for some kids. But these two activities offer life-long benefits that enhance the natural enjoyment of doing them. Creativity, organization, and focus are just three of the many benefits that kids can glean from reading and writing hobbies. Here are tips to help your kids enjoy these simple activities.

Join a Kids Reading Program

Find a reading program for children online, at school, or with a local library. A kids reading program makes it fun to read by focusing on age-oriented books and reading with other children of the same age. A reading club for kids is a great way for them to consider other perspectives and to possibly compete for prizes. They can also become familiar with other children’s authors and kids’ books of various genres.

Buy Books

Offer a new book as a reward for kids who keep up with their homework or housework. Give new children’s books, especially those by favorite authors or topics, as holiday and birthday gifts. Shop thrift stores to find great deals on classical favorites or books that teach a skill or language. Books make wonderful gifts to enjoy now and to preserve as keepsakes for future generations.

Start a Family Reading Circle

Pick a book that everyone in the family can enjoy and spend time each evening reading it aloud together. A parent can read to younger children, or everyone can take turns with school-age kids. Making character voices with nuances, accents, and intonation adds to the fun.

Write Stories Together

Children love to write their own stories. They could cut pictures out of a magazine or draw a picture and write a story about it. Or they can keep a simple diary to record the highlights or challenges of each day. Writing helps to promote deeper thought and creativity. These stories can be read aloud during the family reading time along with published books.

Act Them Out

Have the kids act out their favorite scenes from a beloved book. They can dress in costumes and draw simple props for added enjoyment. Including a kinesthetic aspect to the reading and writing experience can deepen the learning process.

Books and writing have been a delightful part of childhood for generations. Show your children how to make the most of their imagination with the help of these fun pastimes.

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