Lawyer with criminal in court

When you find yourself in legal trouble, you want to know that you have a team of professionals available to you who can help you figure out what will be in your best interest for the long term and what you can do right now to get out of jail until your court date. If you’re uncertain of who you would call if you were ever arrested, take a look right now at all of the options that you have. There’s a professional for every step of the way after you’re arrested, and they can improve the experience that you have when you’re arrested and the overall outcome of your case.

Your Attorney

As one of the most important professionals that you will hire from the time that you’re arrested to the time that your court hearing is over and a verdict is given, you should call your lawyer to come in as soon as you’re given the opportunity. The police are required to give you the opportunity to make a certain number of phone calls within a certain amount of time after you’ve been arrested and have arrived at the station. The attorney you call can give you advice on what you should say while you’re in jail, but be careful about what you say while on the phone because the call is almost certainly being recorded and can be used against you later. Having an attorney in mind can make everything easier when you’re at the station and trying to decide who you should call.

Your Bail Bondsman

Having a bail bondsman come and post your bail will get you out of jail until your appointed court date. This lets you continue to take care of your children, go to work, and do any other various activities that you need to do either to help yourself or maintain your life until your court date. When you or a loved one on your behalf call a bail bond agency, they’ll pay for the bail and vouch for you going to your appointed court date. In exchange, the courts will let you leave, usually within hours of your bond amount being set.

If you’re ever concerned about what professionals you would call in the event of an arrest, making plans ahead of time could save you the frustration and potential mistakes you could make when you have no one to advise you and you have to stay in jail for extended periods of time. When you have professionals available, you also know that you’ll be working with people who have experience and can stay emotionally detached so that they can best serve your interests.

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