We’ve all seen those housing developments where homes look generally the same on the outside. The interiors are often similar as well. If you are looking to buy one of those homes and make it your own or sell a home by making it distinct from others, consider adding valuable features. Though you could paint the walls or even replace the light switches, you’ll have to do a little more than that to really stand out. Homebuyers especially admire the following.

Stylish Lighting

Lights put the crowning touch on every room in the house. From grandiose chandeliers to decorous table lamps, quality lighting adds both functional and aesthetic value to the appearance of a home. While light fixtures in themselves may not cost much, they infuse a room with an incandescence that brings to life the furnishings and decor. Strategically placed wall sconces, lamps, recessed lights, track lighting, or suspended globes add character and warmth that literally brighten each room to draw attention to its best features. When considering different lights, consider making sure that the temperature of the lights is the same in each room. That way you don’t have differing lighting in the room.

Impressive Flooring

Well-cared-for carpets and rugs make delightful accent pieces. Many visitors notice the flooring before anything else when they step into a room. Wall-to-wall carpeting enriches the furnishings and helps to coordinate a decorative design. High-quality laminate or vinyl flooring in an attractive pattern can update an older room and make it look trendy. Classic hardwood floors never go out of style and are commonly sought by home buyers. Area rugs in Oriental or contemporary designs freshen any room to make it feel more polished and expensive. Keep in mind that flooring is more than just something you look at. If the carpet looks soft, it should feel soft under your feet. Anything that doesn’t feel the way it looks, may be considered cheap, even if it was expensive to install so keep that in mind.

Extra Storage

Many homebuyers are looking for adequate storage space. If your home does not already have plenty of cupboards and clean attic or basement storage areas, consider building shelves in strategic locations like the bathroom, in the family room, or in a kitchen island. Garage cabinets can hold cleaning supplies and tools. Look around the home you want to buy or sell to see if additional storage should be added.

Unique Features

Adding just one knockout feature could become a home’s selling point. A gas fireplace is adored by those who love the look and sound of gas-powered flames when a wood-burning fireplace is not an option. A dining room coffee bar for snacks and breaks is a welcome addition to busy professionals or people working from home. A finished room over the garage or in the attic makes a perfect getaway for students, artists, or an extra relative who might be staying for a while.

Simple extras like these can add emotional or financial value as well as comfort and enjoyment to any home. Consider one or more for your current or next residence.

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