Moving home can be challenging. Although it is an exciting time, there is a lot to organize and schedule in order for the move to be as easy as possible. 

Whether you are in the process of moving or looking to move soon, here are the best tips for staying organized. 

Plan how you will move your stuff

Every home move will require moving stuff. Whether you have a lot to move or not, it is essential to pre-plan how you are going to move everything so that when moving day comes around, you have everything organized and you do not experience the last minute panic. 

While it can be more affordable to move the stuff yourself in your own vehicle, it is much safer to hire professionals and well as storage units. 

For instance, using portable storage units, you can safely and securely store your goods while moving. Instead of using unreliable cardboard boxes, portable storage units are much sturdier, waterproof, and safe for any type of item.

Likewise, getting professional help with heavier and more expensive objects will ensure that the job is done in the best way possible. You won’t have to stress about damaging the items due to personal clumsiness. Instead, the experts will take care of it and make sure that everything is moved without harm. 

Create checklists

One of the first things you will want to do when moving home and trying to stay organized is to create checklists. These will work their magic when everything piles on top of each other and becomes overwhelming. 

You will be able to ensure not to forget anything. Even forgetting something small such as calling the van hire could cause chaos to your move. 

Therefore, create checklists ahead of the move to ensure that everything is counted for and the move is as organized as possible. 

New Home House – Free photo on Pixabay

Color code the moving boxes

Whether you use units or boxes, it is essential and very useful to color-code them for the move. This will help when it comes to unpacking. 

For example, you should color code the kitchen items, bedroom belongings, and so on so that when you get the boxes to the new house, you know exactly where to put them. 

If color-coding doesn’t prove useful, then simply use written tags. Any way to display what is inside each box will help you stay organized.

Start packing early

Speaking of packing, it will help to start packing early. Trying to pack everything up in one day will prove to be highly stressful. 

Get a headstart as soon as you know your moving date so that little by little you can collect your things in dedicated boxes. 

Keep a note of providers contact numbers

You will likely need to move over or set up new providers for your new home. Either way, you will want to keep a note of their contact information so that when you need to setup/make the switch, you know where to contact them. 

This will make the utility bills and deals much easier to manage and if something goes wrong, you know who to contact within minutes instead of spending hours looking for their information. 

Switch addresses with your providers

On the topic of your providers, it is important to switch addresses over before you move as some places will require a certain timeframe to be able to switch the plan to somewhere new. Likewise, you can avoid paying for two bills if you switch early enough. 

Should you want to stay with the same provider, simply give them a call when you find out your moving date to get this task off the checklist as soon as possible. 

Sort and donate

There might be a lot of stuff that you have collected over the years while living in your current home. Therefore, you might have a lot more stuff than before, which can prove difficult when moving. 

To be as organized as possible, it will help to sort and donate some things ahead of the move. This will mean that you have less stuff to pack and take with you. Likewise, you will have less to unpack and find a space for in your new home. 

When moving home you want it to feel fresh and tidy. Bringing too much stuff and filling the cupboards and empty spaces with random bits won’t help you achieve that feeling. Hence, it is so useful to get rid of stuff before you move.

Rent a dumpster

If there is a lot to get rid of, which won’t prove to be useful for anyone else, then it will help if you rent a dumpster. The last thing that you will want to be doing throughout your move is running to the tip. 

Hence, a dumpster means that you get rid of things bit by bit and do not have to do several runs to the tip to get rid of it. 

Make a moving day essentials box

When it comes to moving day and you have packed everything up, it can be so tiring and difficult to find bits you need for the first night or so. Therefore, making a moving day essentials box with daily essentials will ensure that you have everything at hand without having to trawl through the boxes. 

Then, you can take your time to unpack the other boxes when you are ready to do so. 

Some people prefer to decorate before unpacking. Therefore, having a box of things that will get you through until you are ready to unpack will prove useful. 

Set a date

It is never a good idea to have a loose date in mind when you move house. You will need set in stone dates so that you know when you can move in. This will ensure that you have a place to live should you need to vacate your current home by a certain date. 

Setting a date will mean getting it printed and signed on a contract. This will ensure that nothing can go wrong. 

Don’t do it all alone

Whether you live alone or not, it is a good idea to always seek help when moving. It would take the stress out of moving and organizing by having someone with you that you can trust. 

Someone to help you pack or call the utility providers can prove to be such a help. It will mean that you can reduce your stress levels and have someone help with the small things that take a lot of time. 

Clean the new house before moving in

It can be super stressful to have to clean the new house if you have already moved all of your stuff in. You will have huge boxes and furnishings in the way. 

Hence, it is much easier and more organized to clean the new house before you move in and/or take anything there. This will give you plenty of room to do a deep clean. 

Likewise, the same goes for if you are decorating. Decorating with nothing in the house will be much easier and mean that you will not potentially ruin any of your goods. 

Using this guide, you can learn how to be more organized when moving home. It can be as simple as color-coding, creating lists, and getting someone to help to take the stress out of moving. Small yet simple strategies can much the moving process a lot easier and more seamless.