Many homeowners have opted to get video surveillance for their homes. With these systems, you can see who’s standing on your stoop and knocking on the door. Further, you can check in on your house when you’re away. While you are considering the benefits of such a system, you’re also likely wondering if and how video surveillance can add value to your home.

Definition of Value

Before you can address whether or not the surveillance system adds value to your home, you must define the term for yourself. For example, if you’re talking about value in terms of security and protection, the answer is then likely an affirmative one. On the other hand, you might be wondering if the system will add value to the house in the eyes of prospective buyers. The answer to this question depends upon other factors, such as what the buyers value in a home.

Leaving the System

Whether your system will have value to potential buyers depends largely upon if you’re going to include the system in the sale of the house. Many homeowners want to transfer their security systems to their new homes, which means they won’t be leaving the devices behind. Also, if you’re paying for monitoring on your video surveillance system, the new owners will have to decide whether or not they want to take on that bill.

Type of System

Just as you have a security system that you’re comfortable with, so could the new potential owners of your home. In other words, they might also have a system already set up at their current residence. Thus, they may want to transfer that system over to your current house, which means that your system is unlikely to have value to these individuals. On the other hand, some buyers will be looking for a home with a better security system than the one they already have.

Protection of Property

A security system does certainly help with value in terms of protecting your property. For example, if potential intruders see that you have a surveillance system installed, they may be less likely to damage or destroy property at your home. Thus, you will not have to spend the money to fix the damaged or destroyed property, so the system is adding value in this way.

A surveillance system is important to have in terms of providing safer living space to your family. Consider some factors to determine to what extent the system adds value to your home.

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