Beautiful bathroom with whirlpool bathtub and separate shower.

Bathrooms are some of the busiest rooms in our homes. They’re used for our morning routines of showering and shaving, nighttime hair care and toothbrushing, and lots of stops in between. Yet despite their hard-working nature, bathrooms are often at the bottom of the list for remodeling projects. Here are some reasons why you should think about moving them to the top.

Reduced Water Consumption

Modern plumbing fixtures use much less water than their ancestors. Low-volume toilets flush with fewer gallons while performing just as well. High-pressure faucets and low-flow showerheads are also big water savers. Investing in upgrades of these frequently-used fixtures can pay you back through your water bill for years to come.

Improved Energy Efficiency

Another utility where you’ll save money is on your gas or electricity. The less hot water you use in your shower or faucet, the less work your water heater has to do to provide it. When this energy-hungry appliance doesn’t have to work as hard, you pay less each month for the gas or electricity that powers it–just one more way that bathroom remodeling can help pay for itself.

Safety Upgrades

Everyone needs a safe place to shower or bathe. Old and young alike, we can all have mobility issues or injuries that make a traditional tub difficult to use. Even the most able-bodied may find the tub or shower very slippery. A renovated bathroom with a modern walk-in tub, slip-resistant shower floor, or other safety upgrades can go a long way toward preventing accidents.

Cosmetic Improvements

More than likely, this is the most appealing part of the project for you. If your bathroom looks outdated and has scuffs and scrapes all over the walls, it’s time for a remodel. Your updated bathroom can have durable, beautiful flooring as well as a modern shade of paint on the walls. Countertops and cabinetry can get a facelift as well, giving the entire space a totally new look.

An Important Structural Check-In

Toilets, cabinets, and bathtubs can’t be moved, and this can cause problems. Many home renovations reveal other issues that need repair. Leaky water and sewer lines can cause floors to rot. Replacing fixtures during a renovation makes it possible to identify and repair them before they begin to affect joists and walls.

The wear and tear of your daily routine take a heavy toll on your bathroom. Don’t delay an upgrade that can save you money, add value to your home, and give you a more beautiful space to live in!

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