There is no reason why your family portraits and other photos cannot be displayed like fine art. After all, they do represent the most valuable people, places, and events in your life. Your family photos can be turned into museum pieces with the following techniques.

Fine Art Framing

Rather than buying a cheap, store-bought frame for your family photos, invest in fine art frames. The difference is not only in the quality look but also in the materials. Museum-quality frames use archival materials, which are designed to preserve your photos from deterioration. That means you’ll have them to pass down through the generations.

Metal Prints

Metal printing your photos adds a vibrant, luminescent glow to your photos. Metal prints are also very durable, waterproof, and can last for many years. Metal printing is done on thin sheets of aluminum. The technique uses either natural silver, for a metallic glow, or white background, for vibrant colors.

To get started, you’ll upload your digital photos and choose your options. Metal prints can be small or very large, depending on your needs. However, for large sizes, you’ll need to upload very high-resolution digital photos. Metal prints can be displayed on an easel, float mounted, or spaced off the wall with standouts. The final result is a stunning print that seems to come alive.

Acrylic Glass Prints

There are two ways to make acrylic glass prints. The photo can be printed directly on the glass, or, it can be printed on metallic paper, and applied to the glass. Direct printing can lose resolution, resulting in a fuzzy print. On the other hand, printing the photo on metallic paper and applying that to the glass creates a high resolution, vibrant work of art. The edge can be finished in several ways and is delivered ready to hang.

Backlit Film Prints

This is the same technique used to print movie posters. Your family photos will be printed onto a thin, translucent film which then is mounted over a lightbox. The effect literally lights up a room with your smiles. Backlit film prints are great for a dark hallway or a basement game room.

With a little creativity, your family photos can become stunning works of art. Instead of picking up a cheap frame at a big box store, do something different. It doesn’t cost much to have your photos transformed with a a metal print or an acrylic glass print.