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Staying connected with nature can have benefits for our physical and mental wellbeing. Take advantage of as many opportunities to explore the world around you as possible. Include trips to vast expanses of natural beauty and the simpler experiences found in your own backyard. Here are some of the best ways to feel at one with nature.  

Take The Scenic Route 

When traveling to work, choose a route that takes you through natural beauty. If making a long-distance trip, stop regularly to explore nature as you pass through.  

Start An Indoor Garden 

Improve your home’s air quality with indoor plants. Choose plants that complement the aesthetic of your home. If you’re a beginner, use low maintenance plants like ferns and succulents.  

Try Outdoors Yoga 

Take your yoga practice outdoors. Choose an area with soft grass. Look for classes from studios that offer outdoor yoga.  

Take Your Shoes Off 

Take a walk and stop in a suitable place. Take your shoes and socks off and feel your feet in the grass. Meditate and absorb the sounds of nature around you and the feeling in your feet.  

Improve Your Eco-Friendly Practices 

Make your home zero waste by starting a compost heap. Put leftover food in the compost and use it as fertilizer for your plants. Avoid single-use items and plastics. Choose sustainable materials for household items such as bamboo.  

Move To The Mountains 

Move to a remote mountainside home to connect with the dramatic beauty of the mountains. Consider a state famed for its natural beauty like Utah. Choose architecture that complements and enhances the beauty of nature. Look at these modern mountain home plans from Benloch Ranch for more inspiration.  

Volunteer With A Local Environmental Charity 

Clean up the local environment by partnering with a local environmental charity. Take trash bags on walks with you to clean up litter as you explore nature. Research local charities and contact several to find volunteering opportunities.  

Visit Local Natural Landmarks 

Keep your exploration of nature fresh by visiting various local landmarks. Choose a new area to explore each week. Make a list of the places you want to see and work through it.  

Encourage The Wildlife In Your Yard 

Invest in birdfeeders to attract nature to your yard. Include a birdbath to make your garden the ideal location for visiting fauna. Consider a butterfly house and squirrel feeder to attract a diverse range of wildlife to your home.  

Get Your Kids Involved 

Teach your children about nature and explore the world together. Make a scavenger hunt with common natural items. Teach your kids about the importance of caring for the planet. Give them a spot in the yard to grow their own plants.  

Go Camping 

Take regular camping trips to immerse yourself in nature. Ensure you have the right equipment to make expeditions safe and comfortable. Travel to new places each trip and explore the full range of nature. Get the whole family involved and teach your kids survivalist skills.