When your home or business suffers water damage from broken pipes, a natural disaster such as a flood, or other similar situations, you will definitely be in need of water damage restoration experts. Since mold, structural damage, and other problems can ensue quickly once water damage takes place, time is of the essence when selecting a company. To make the right choice, here are some tips to remember when making your selection.

24/7 Service

If your residence or business suffers broken pipes in the middle of the night, waiting hours for repairs to begin could result in thousands of dollars in damage. Instead of letting this happen, choose a water damage restoration company that offers its customers 24/7 emergency service. By doing so, repairs can start immediately.

Licensed and Insured

Along with providing 24/7 service to customers, it is vital the company you select be properly licensed and insured. If a company is reputable, it will be proud to state it has undergone training to gain certification in commercial water damage restoration. Typically, other related services have certification needs as well, or at least additional licenses.

Experienced and Properly Trained

Since water damage restoration jobs can be very complex, you should only trust these repair jobs to personnel who are properly trained and possess years of experience handling situations similar to yours. Before agreeing to anything with the company, verify that the technicians who will be doing the restoration have undergone the latest training, are properly certified, and have the equipment needed to get the job done quickly and correctly.

Locally Owned and Operated

When you choose a water damage restoration company that is locally owned and operated, you will likely be working with a company that knows its reputation is at stake on each job. Because of this, they usually strive to get the job done quickly and at an affordable price.

Check the Company’s References

To really find out if a company does good work, ask for and check any references they provide from prior customers. If a company hesitates to give you references, this is a red flag that should not be ignored. When you speak with prior customers, ask them if the job was done in a prompt fashion, if there were any unexpected problems along the way, and if they were satisfied with the final results.

If you keep these tips in mind during your selection process, you should be able to choose a water damage restoration company that will take care of the damages at an affordable price.

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