The client’s attention is finite and short-lived. It is hard to capture and harder to keep. With client interactions happening more and more on the internet, the amount of time companies have to grab attention in a commercial ad is extremely small. An average desktop user views a commercial ad on Facebook for 2.5 seconds before skipping it. On the phone, the number decreases to a meager 1.7 seconds.

Some brands try to circumvent this by playing the system by using commercials you cannot skip to deploying constant, redundant notifications on applications. Unfortunately, these techniques only make the consumer change tact to avoid invasive commercials. Hence, your best option is to distill your pitch into a single, crystal-clear message as a brand. It is hard, but the current crop of humans demands it.

So how do you craft a commercial ad that draws customers’ attention in a flash? These few steps will get you started:

  1. Make It Personal

Customizing the advert to fit certain customers or groups is a powerful technique of standing out among the competition and noise. Customized promotional emails and customized advertising methods are among the best strategies for encouraging consumers to buy. For example, a popular beverage had a decade of declining sales. This summer, the beverage brand embarked on a new technique with a new campaign. By putting popular labels and names on the bottles, the beverage made its product jump out at buyers scanning the walls of juices, teas, and energy drinks. And the brand sales rose by more than 2 percent after the campaign’s launch.

  1. Let Pictures Speak For You

In some sectors, an impressive picture can speak a thousand words. For instance, consider an anti-smoking campaign globally. Many of them include a smart graphic, which communicates without question; hence, creating an immediate bond with the viewers. The next time you are traveling on the road, notice the commercials, which rope you in and the ones you hardly pay attention to and ask why. The pictures probably provoked a strong emotion or made you think about a particular topic in a new way.

  1. Promoting Participation On Social Media Channels

Asking customers to participate in a creative social media campaign can create personal bonds with your company and have you at the top of their minds. In addition, they will look to you caring and entertaining content as time goes by.

  1. Make It Simple

Brands have a lot to communicate, and deploying text to speak out is good, especially if you are trying to capitalize on your website for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) purposes. But the truth of the matter is that numerous consumers do not want to read or listen to lengthy, text-heavy commercials. Campaigns, which complicate a matter or confuse customers can convolute the message and hastily push them away. Deploy short, memorable phrases, be persistent with words, and put your content ideas into whiteboard videos. In a fast-paced online environment that is oversaturated with content, a simple campaign will be quite pleasing and stimulating to the consumers.

Final Thought

Your promotion efforts at the end of the day boil down to the first eight seconds. In these pivotal seconds, customers choose whether to buy into your brand or go somewhere else. After that, participation declines suddenly.

The beauty of the social media age is that you do not require a huge marketing budget to get your message across in a split second. Keep it short and engaging, and relate it to the consumers personally. Once you challenge the attention span probabilities working so steadfastly against you, you will find success in advertising to any preoccupied client.