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Everyday life naturally tends to be a bit hectic and chaotic, and it’s likely that most of us struggle with finding time for all the things that we might want to do, over the course of any given day.

If this situation sounds at all familiar to you, it’s likely that you’ve spent a bit of time, in the past, thinking about what sort of activities you should actually dedicate your precious time to. Should you spend a bit of time each evening focusing on a skill development class? Is a meditation session, or a yoga routine, a good way of beginning the day? And so on.

While there are many different potential pastimes, hobbies, and activities that may be beneficial for you – it’s inevitably the case that there are too many of these kinds of activities on offer for anyone to do more than a handful of them at a time.

While we all have to prioritize and practice good time management, though, there are certain key practices that everyone should make time for, on a daily basis, in order to have the best possible chance of thriving and of living a maximally meaningful and rewarding life.

Here are just a few things to find time for each day.

Moments of companionship with loved ones

As the saying goes, “no man is an island,” and we all rely on meaningful relationships and on companionship with others, in order to thrive and live the most significant and meaningful lives possible.

Moments of companionship are vitally important for maintaining a good level of emotional well-being, and that companionship involves both close and loving relationships with other people, and also things like the companionship of our pets, which is a big part of the reason why so many people invest in things like cat door installation.

In recent times, many individuals have found themselves leading more and more isolated, individualistic, and atomized lives. But according to many psychologists, this contributes greatly to feelings of loneliness and misery.

To the greatest possible extent, you should look for opportunities to fit moments of companionship into each day, and to emphasize the importance of genuine connection in your life.

Stress-reducing practices and activities

Chronic stress can be extremely detrimental. Not only can it promote disease and inhibit the immune system, but chronic stress is often at the heart of many issues that huge numbers of people struggle with badly – including things like brain fog, disrupted and unrestful sleep, and trouble focusing.

Because stress is so common, it’s important to always find opportunities to engage in certain stress-relieving practices and routines, ideally on a daily basis.

While everyone will have different things that seem to provide stress relief, eating a nourishing diet including plenty of whole plant foods, and avoiding excess consumption of caffeine, can certainly help. More specific practices can include things like having a “wind-down session” each evening, which includes things like a hot bath and some deep breathing exercises with essential oil aromatherapy.

The better you can manage your stress levels and help yourself to destress consistently, the better you will tend to feel, and the more fruitful your experience of everyday life will tend to be.

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Moments of mindful appreciation and gratitude

Regularly taking the time to experience and express gratitude can help you to notice the myriad blessings found in everyday life, and to change the overall color and texture of your thoughts to make them brighter and more positive.

Many of us rush through day-to-day life always worrying about something, or looking towards the next thing that we want to achieve over time, and scarcely actually take the time to notice and appreciate things that are right in front of us, that we should be pausing to enjoy.

Next time you sit down to eat, take a while to actually savor your meal and to enjoy the taste and texture of each mouthful. Next time you are settling down at night to go to sleep, pause for a while to reflect on all the things that you’re grateful for that have occurred over the course of the day.

The difference this can make to your appreciation of everyday life, and life as a whole, can be quite dramatic.

Good nutrition

If you eat a lot of processed food or regularly go for long periods throughout the day without eating at all, it’s likely that not only will your mood be less than ideal, but your energy levels will also tend to be all over the place, among other things.

By having meals at set times each day, and focusing on nutritious food – with an emphasis on whole plant foods – you will increase the likelihood that you’ll feel your best, and perform your best, too.