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The well-being of your staff should be one of your top concerns. If your team feels that their well-being is nourished at their current company, they are far less likely to venture onto new pastures. Additionally, well-being is a great way to attract the best new talent to your doors. The fact is, the better the well-being of your staff, the more motivated they will feel, and this leads to a greater level of productivity. Luckily there are many ways you can focus on your staff to increase this, and prioritizing their work-life balance is one such way. So, let’s take a look at a few ways you can help your staff achieve a better work-life balance:

Flexi-hours and Remote Working 

If your business can permit it, flexible working hours are a great way to achieve a better work-life balance. Often people have commitments such as children, so having a job that allows them to change the time in which they come in can be a huge bonus. Not only does this help them out, but it shows a level of trust on your behalf too. Also, it has never been easier to offer remote working. One good thing to come out of the Covid-19 pandemic has been the technological advances in remote working. What this means is that you can more easily offer remote working to your staff if and when they need it, and it is practical to do so.

Encourage Productivity Over Hours Worked

A great strategy may be to advise staff to focus on finishing certain tasks within a particular time frame, rather than the amount of time they actually work. This may have the effect of some days they work later, and other days they finish earlier. Encouraging staff to work in this way, as long as the quality is not impacted, can be very attractive to both you and your staff. 


It is advisable to regularly monitor the workload of your staff and ensure that what you are asking is achievable. One way to do this is to have regular meetings and discover the stress levels of your staff in terms of their workload. Ensure that you leave the doors of communication open, and if your staff feel that you are overlading them, they have the chance to say so.

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The Office Space

A great office space is essential to your staff’s well-being. It may be an idea to check where you are located, as if you are far away from any public transport links, you may be increasing the amount of time you staff commute. It is important that you are renting commercial office space that is not only attractive and offers a lot of creature comforts, but that it is located in a great area, with plenty of transport links. 


Is it at all possible to offer your staff more time off on holiday? Everyone needs time to recuperate and relax, and if you have a limited number of holidays, you may well be finding your sickness days creep up.