At even the smallest of construction sites, there are many different tasks that need to be completed to bring a building or other project to life. Because of this, most construction jobs require the use of many types of specialized machines. While each construction job is specific unto itself, there are some machines that are generally found at every site. If you’re curious as to which ones you can expect to see, here are five machines every construction site uses.


Before any construction project can begin, plenty of earth-moving needs to take place. To do so, a bulldozer is the machine of choice. Featuring wide tracks and powerful engines, bulldozers can move earth at a steady and fast-paced, and can also do so while navigating difficult terrain, including mud and sand.


While the bulldozer can do the initial earth-moving and get the construction site ready for the other tasks that are ahead, the grader will come in to smooth over the area that was cleared by the bulldozer. Using a horizontal blade located between its front and rear wheels, the grader is often used for flattening the soil prior to the laying of asphalt.


Similar to bulldozers, excavators come in both wheeled and tracked forms. Also used to move large amounts of dirt and debris, an excavator has a long arm with a digging bucket attached to its end. Also, an excavator cabin can usually be rotated 360 degrees, meaning the machine’s operator can work multiple areas at the site from one location.


Considered by many to be the most versatile piece of construction machinery in use today, a backhoe can be used to dig trenches, break up concrete or asphalt, load or unload materials, and do many other tasks. As its name implies, a backhoe has the digging arrangement on its backside, while the front contains the loading bucket. As the needs of a construction company broaden to need equipment such as these, they will need to source them from reliable companies. Such equipment can be found at Mantra Enterprise LLC, for example.

Tower Crane

On virtually all construction sites, materials such as concrete blocks, steel beams, and other large or heavy materials need to be moved high above the ground. To do so, a tower crane is used to get this done quickly and safely. A fixed crane, a tower crane consists of a mast, the operating arm known as a jib, a counter jib used for counterweight, and the operator cabin.

With these five machines present at a construction site, there is virtually no job that cannot be done quickly, easily, and in a manner that keeps the site’s workers as safe as possible.

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