Birthday parties are something that creates a lifetime of fond memories for your child. Whether your child was born in June or January, planning a successful outdoor party takes some effort, but is well worth it. We have a few suggestions to make the day memorable.

Plan Fun Party Games

There are dozens of good, old-fashioned party games for kids, like sack races, scavenger hunts, and tag. If you’re having trouble thinking up outdoor games, a quick search for kid’s outdoor party games will turn up dozens of ideas. Of course, if you have a pool, a summer swim party is perfect, but be prepared to supervise the kids closely.

An outdoor birthday party with snow on the ground can be challenging, but not impossible. A snowman building contest is a natural party game during the winter. Or, you could host an outdoor ice skating or sledding party. Make the chilly weather work in your favor. But be sure to let your guests know ahead of time to dress warmly.

Do Face Painting

You can often find non-toxic and washable face paints at craft or toy stores. You can also buy them online. You can create a theme for your parties, such as a jungle theme or ocean theme. You can then paint the children’s faces as their favorite jungle or ocean animals. The possibilities are nearly endless.

Sparklers Instead of Candles

If you really want to dazzle the kids, use sparklers on the cake instead of candles. Or, use them alongside traditional birthday candles, to give your child the pleasure of blowing out the candles. Be aware that you cannot blow out a sparkler, it simply needs to burn itself out. Sparklers will not leave any ashes or residue on the cake, so it’s safe to eat.

Rent a Bounce House

You’ll need space in your backyard to set it up, and it will cost some money. But, a party with a bounce house is something special. You can even rent multi-tiered bounce houses with slides and ones with obstacle courses. The size and complexity will determine your cost. You’ll also need to monitor the kids to ensure there is no roughhousing, which could lead to injury.

These are just a few ideas to make your child’s outdoor birthday party a little more exciting. But, fostering a fun and carefree environment is what really brings a birthday party to life.