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As the old saying goes, home is where the heart is. This is the space where you’re going to spend a whole lot of your time. Whether that’s making breakfast in the morning, heading home after a long day at work, spending time with family and friends, cooking dinners and holding dinner parties, getting a good night’s sleep or anything else. So, it’s not all too surprising that we’re going to want to make our homes the best that they can be, not only being functional and meeting our needs, but meeting our preferences too! The good news is that there are plenty of home additions that you can add to your property to make your day to day life easier, more enjoyable or generally better. Here are just a few suggestions that should help you to achieve this!

An En Suite

Do you live with others? Do you have the daily complaints about not being able to access the bathroom as and when you want to? This is where an en suite could come in useful. An en suite is an additional bathroom space that can be made in a room of your home. They tend to be popular in bedrooms or guest rooms. An en suite can just be a toilet and a sink, or it could include a shower too. What’s best for you will depend on what best suits your needs. This can help you to save time in the mornings or other periods where you and others are trying to get ready at once.

Heated Flooring

If you have carpets in your home, chances are that you’re fine walking around your home without slippers or socks on. However, if you have rooms with tiles, wood floors, or laminate flooring, chances are that your feet can get cold when you’re walking around during the colder months of the year. Underfloor heating is a luxury purchase that can resolve this issue and provide extra warmth and comfort in your home. When you find a professional to fit your underfloor heating, they will replace your floorboards and place underfloor heating systems beneath them. There are two types of underfloor heating to choose from. The most popular tend to be wet systems and dry systems. Wet systems work in a similar way to radiators, pumping heated water through linked pipes under your floor. Dry systems are made with electric coils that then heat areas independently.

Water Reserves

Depending on where you live, you may experience water shortages or limitations during the warmer months of the year. This is where having your own water supply can come in useful. This will allow you to continue to drink enough, shower, bathe and generally look after yourself during water shortages. Consider Slimline Tanks that can hold enough water to support you and anyone else living in your home. This will come in unbelievably useful if you do ever need it.

More Natural Lighting

Did you know that natural lighting does a lot more than simply make your living space look nice? Natural light also controls your body’s circadian rhythms, which control your body’s sleep-wake cycle. Having plenty of natural light in your home will let your body know when it’s the daytime and can help you to feel alert and perky during your waking hours. This can boost comfort, productivity and can help you to get a better night’s sleep when the night does come around. The best way to increase natural lighting in your home is to opt for new, larger windows or to fit large, glass doors, such as French doors or glass sliding doors. Alternatively, you could even consider a skylight. This will allow more light in from above.

A Home Office

Over the past couple of years, huge numbers of people have begun home working. As employers have attempted to slow the spread of coronavirus, remote work has boomed and many of us are now operating on permanently remote contacts. If you have a spare room in your home, or if you are able to extend or convert, a home office could be a hugely beneficial addition to your living space. This will provide you with a workspace where you can separate your home life and your work life, creating productive spaces and relaxing spaces in your home. This space should contain whatever you need to work well – whether that’s a desk, ergonomic furniture and equipment, printers and more.

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A lot of homes have disused spaces, or spaces that aren’t being used to their full potential. These spaces tend to include loft spaces, garages and more. By carrying out conversions on these spaces, you can make them functional rooms that can meet your needs! Many people choose to convert these spaces into home offices, guest rooms, games rooms and more. When considering a conversion, make sure to ensure that you have planning permission and that you set a budget that you can afford. Also make sure to source reliable contractors with an impressive portfolio and plenty of good reviews. This will give you confidence in their work!

A Mud Room

You might not have heard of a mud room before, but this is essentially a space that tends to be attached to the back door of a property. This small room can be used as an entrance to your home when you’re muddy or have muddy shoes. Here, you can remove shoes, wipe down pets’ paws and generally clean up before you head into the main body of your home. This can reduce mess in your main living space and provide a storage space for muddy shoes and boots too.

Hopefully, some of the information above will help spark your imagination and give you some ideas of how to improve your home, helping it to better suit its needs. The suggestions highlighted should cater to your needs and preferences, giving you some starting blocks to work with. Hopefully, you can implement at least one into your home!