Are you ready to take your public exposure to a whole new level? If you want to do it right, you need to be on social media. And if you want to become a household name, you need to start a YouTube channel. This is the place where you can build your brand and grow your base. Here is a guide on how to get started.

Brand Your Channel in a Memorable Fashion

The first and most important thing that you need to do to ensure success is to brand right from the start. This is an area you should have a firm handle on even before you launch your channel. You will need a memorable and catchy name without being too complex. It needs to be evergreen to avoid trends.

Once you settle on a name, you need to make sure no one else is using it. Search YouTube to weed out names that are too similar to your own. If you find an exact duplicate, remember that they were there first. You will need to go back to the drawing board to find a new name that won’t have any rivals.

It’s also wise to keep in mind that the name of your channel needs to reflect its purpose. This is one of the major motives behind branding in the first place. If you plan to give skateboarding advice, you need a name like “Radical Skating with Joe Public” or the like. It lets people know what they are in for.

Make Sure You Have a Catchy Theme

One of the chief elements of branding your channel on YouTube will be the music you choose. There is a wide variety of royalty-free music for reality TV that you can make use of for this purpose. A catchy theme song is a perfect way to help brand your channel. The more they hum it, the easier they’ll remember you.

You can also use other bits of royalty-free music to link various segments in your videos. If you have recurring features, you can use little musical tags to identify them. This can help a skit to go viral. People will remember this tune and associate it with your channel. This can help to drive the number of views.

Make Sure to Market to Your Demographic

The next thing you will need to do will be to market directly to your target audience. These are the people who are most likely to click on your video when it comes up in their feed. You can use hashtags and other methods to give your video a higher ranking in the algorithm. But it will still be up to them to click on it.

The key is to find a niche that expresses exactly what you want to sell to your public. This will be an integral part of your branding. You need to know exactly what to sell and who to sell to. You should already have a good idea in mind as to how to achieve this object. A bit of further research will fill in the rest.

Make Sure You Rank High on Google

Perhaps the most crucial bit of advice to absorb here is that you need to be found on Google. This means making sure that you rank as high in the search results as possible. There are several tactics you can use to make it happen.

One of the best things you can do is to use SEO in your video titles and descriptions. You can also use hashtags if you post the video on Twitter. It also helps to choose very trendy topics. The more views you get, the more your channel grows.

You’ve Got the News, Now Get the Views

It will be up to you to do all that you can to make your channel launch a major success. You can reach this goal by stacking the odds in your favor. A smart bit of branding followed up by a reach straight to your core public will ensure a good start. From there, fan service and lots of good content will seal the deal.