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You’ve honed your skills, mastered your trade, and have all the talent you need to make a good living from your skills. You’ve set up your freelance business either from your home, garage, or rented office space, worked out your rates, created your business cards, and everything else you need. But like it always turns out, the most challenging part of running a freelance business is finding customers. Many freelancers even end up giving up on their businesses after struggling for months to get the clients they need. Thankfully, several ways to give your business visibility and attract clients. Here are some of them.

  1. Join a digital marketing platform

The world has gone digital. Today, almost every potential customer goes online to look for services near them, and you’ll be missing out a lot if you fail to make your business available online. Even if you don’t have a website, you can take advantage of freelancing platforms to showcase your niche, skills, and portfolio to attract the clients you need. Some of the top platforms for freelancers include Fiverr, Upwork, SimplyHired, and LinkedIn ProFinder, to mention a few. 

You can also register and list your business on Google My Business to increase your visibility in your local area. Experts say 28% of all local business searches in local areas lead directly to sales, which should be a massive boost. 

Going digital is essential, regardless of your field, whether you’re a writer or a plumber. For example, with the latter, you’ll find plumbing digital marketing solutions that cater to all your digital marketing needs without relying on third-party lead providers.

You can also create engaging, info-rich blog posts and articles, taking advantage of keywords and other SEO tools to increase the chances of your target audience finding your content. 

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  1. Social media platforms

Social media is currently home to 4.55 billion people, representing a massive marketing opportunity to reach out to potential clients beyond your location. If your freelancing niche does not require meeting clients in person, social media allows you to attract customers in almost every part of the globe. The most important thing is to find the right platforms that’ll promote your business and regularly update your online pages with relevant and engaging posts. 

  1. Word of mouth

The good old word-of-mouth is still a very effective option to have. And if you don’t feel like talking to everyone you meet on the streets, you can hand out business cards or flyers instead. But the best word of mouth marketing will come from your satisfied clients. So be sure to give your best services to every single customer you get. Good news, they say, spreads like wildfire. And your happy customers can be that wildfire.

  1. Rely on family and friends

Your friends and family can be huge assets for any business owner if you know how to use them properly. And getting them to spread the word about your business is one great way to use them.