With the holidays right around the corner, the dawning question finally hits the block, “what am I going to get my partner for Christmas?” Many people usually go through the issue of deciding what exactly their partner wants would love as a Christmas gift. Therefore you can find solace knowing you are not in this dilemma alone. This season can get extremely stressful, especially if you do not know what to look out for. Even though many people like to state that gifts do not matter, it is clear that your significant other likely expect something small from you, and vice versa. 

To not be a slacker this holiday season, here are six thoughtful gift ideas for your partner


It is clear that at this point, having different sets of headphones for different functions is the norm. And with all the small wireless headphones we keep misplacing, getting a set of headphones is becoming a better cost-efficient alternative. The over-the-ear ones are great for running, the gym, and hiking since they stay in place and are not displaced as soon as you start to sweat. If you and your partner are usually out on the road, noise-canceling headphones with a comfortable ear cover are a great option. And if you are looking for a simple set that can be used daily, you might want to go with compact quality earbuds.

A surprise vacation

A surprise trip is always a good idea when looking for things to gift your partner during the holidays. A vacation is a perfect way to end the year after being busy with school, work, or both. And who better to spend the trip with than your partner. You could choose to go to a sentimental destination that your partner always wanted to visit, or someplace new where you can experience exciting activities together.


One of the things you can hardly ever go wrong with when gifting your partner is jewelry. Whether it is a bold statement men’s watch or women’s luxury earrings, your partner is bound to appreciate the fact that you took some thought into their gift. If you cannot afford new jewelry, you can choose to fix your partner’s jewelry, which might be old or broken instead.

A stylish water bottle

If your partner considers themselves active or always moving around and on the go, then a trendy or artsy water bottle might be their perfect gift for Christmas. Many people might think that a water bottle does not seem like an exciting gift, but that is not the case. You will find that several times, a functional gift is often the best choice when gifting your partner. This is because it shows that you pay attention to the details of their lives and can give them something they truly need. A new water bottle may also motivate them to drink more water.

Exercise equipment

If your partner loves spending time at the gym, then they will love getting a piece of exercise equipment when they are working out at home. During these times, a luxury such as going out to the gym might not be fully guaranteed, making at-home workouts the new normal for gym enthusiasts. The equipment can get quite costly when purchasing multiple at a time. Therefore your partner is bound to appreciate the thoughtful gesture.

A massage oil candle

This might be among the slickest ways to get your partner and yourself a good rub down. Although many people might not be huge fans of candles, you will find that an oil kind is a great option for couples who enjoy regular massages, especially when you are looking to spice things up. You can find a variety of scents your partner is bound to enjoy while looking for Christmas gifts.

From the above recommendations, it is clear that you do not have to go above and beyond while gifting your partner. Ensuring that your gift is intentional and holds some sentimental value is the best way to make your partner’s Christmas worthwhile. Knowing what your partner likes or needs is the most important factor when looking for the perfect gift this holiday season.

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