Is it Really Permanent How permanent makeup works

The fascinating world of makeup intrigues many of us from a young age, and permanent makeup, also known as cosmetic tattooing, is yet, another amazing option with staying power. If you don’t know much about permanent makeup, our cosmetics pros have all the answers, and when you learn how it works and the cool results it can deliver, you’ll be blown away. Professional makeup artists can create stunning looks when using the proper equipment.

Permanent Versus Semi-Permanent

When it comes to permanent makeup, it’s all about the depth. For instance, semipermanent makeup deposits pigment into the superficial layer of the skin and are generally applied manually with a special, handheld device.

Permanent makeup consists of advanced pigment that is also going into the dermal layer of the skin but penetrates at a deeper level of implantation than just at a topical layer. It is achieved by using the best permanent makeup machine available. A digital wireless PMU gives the makeup artist complete control, various speed options, and the ability to move freely about.

Cosmetic Pigment Longevity

While both procedures are similar to getting a tattoo on the arm, for example, permanent makeup and semi-permanent makeup will not last as long as a regular tattoo. The pigment that is used in body art tattooing will go even deeper into the skin to the hypodermis.

Still, permanent makeup offers a long-lasting cosmetic solution of about three to five years and then, will slowly fade, and those areas can be tweaked again.

Semi-permanent makeup will begin fading within six months to a year and a half. An example of this would be microbladed brows.

Skincare experts say that you can extend the longevity of your cosmetic tattoo by minimizing sun exposure, wearing a good SPF when outdoors, and avoiding certain exfoliating products such as glycolic acid, etc.

It was a famous British tattoo artist called George Burchatt who says he invented cosmetic tattooing in the 1930s, especially in darkening women’s eyebrows and tinting their lips. The trend caught on quickly, and women from all over Europe would visit Burchatt for these elegant makeup treatments.

Permanent Pigment Variety Options

What is incredible about choosing to have permanent makeup done is the excellent range of colors to choose from that can match any skin tone and any skin type.

Popular procedures include eye-lining, lip lining, lip blushing, lash-enhancing, a better “microbladed” look for brows (with a nanoneedle and digital device), areola tattooing for the breasts, etc.

Many people like to wake up and look fresh, glam, and alert, and that is what permanent makeup can do. Some add more cosmetics to create their base look. Best of all, it cannot be washed off or sweated off.

There are others who have cosmetic allergies, and permanent makeup gives them a great solution, and they don’t have to worry about developing any reactions.

These are all safe treatments, performed under sterile conditions, and deliver a natural look when done by a skilled artist with the right, specialized equipment.

Post-Permanent Makeup Treatment

After you have had a permanent makeup procedure, the area will be iced by the professional artist and you will be given instructions about caring for your permanent makeup look.

For instance, you will be advised to keep the treated area clean with distilled water and told to use a gentle cleansing routine for about seven days. That would include washing with mild, antibacterial soap and applying a light coat of Aquaphor over the treated area twice daily.

Avoid physical activity that involves sweating for about 10 days, and do not pick at any scabs forming.

Within the first couple of weeks, you should notice that the shade of the pigmentation and intensity will slowly start to lighten a bit as the skin peels and results in a beautiful, natural color tone.

Let’s be honest. Makeup is often used to help us appear more attractive with balanced features and skin tone, more put together, and even more youthful. You have many choices when it comes to cosmetics. Permanent makeup is another fab option that can transform the face and allow you to look your very best.