Home inspections can make or break the deal when you’re trying to sell. It’s understandable that homebuyers want to know about any problems before they commit to buying a home. Often, inspections uncover major issues that the seller didn’t know about. Before the buyer’s home inspection, find and fix major problems to ensure the sale and the best sales price.

Have a Roof Inspection

A roofing contractor can take a look at your roof to find any major problems, like loose shingles and leaks, before they’re discovered in the official inspection. New roofing is expensive, so you’ll need to decide if it’s worth replacing or disclosing to the buyer. However, making sure the rain gutters are clean and in good working order is something you can do yourself.

Fix Leaky Pipes and Plumbing

Plumbing is another area that buyers are concerned about. A dripping faucet or a toilet that constantly runs is something you can probably fix yourself. On the other hand, broken or leaking pipes within walls or underground need a professional plumber. If there are any signs of mold around or under a leaking pipe, clean the area with a bleach solution. It’s often a good idea to have a mold or water damage specialist check the area to ensure that the mold is properly eradicated.

Have an HVAC Contractor Do Maintenance

The HVAC system needs to be clean and in good working order. If your HVAC blows dust or makes strange noises, you might not pass the home inspection. If your HVAC system is beyond repair, an HVAC contractor can install a new system. While that’s not cheap, a new HVAC system may offset a reduced selling price. Buyers want to feel confident that they’ll be able to stay cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

Have an Electrical Contractor Take a Look

An outdated and dangerous electrical system is sure to fail a home inspection. If your home has old-fashioned two-prong outlets, have them replaced. They’re not only outdated, but they’re also dangerous. You may need to update your electrical panel too. An electrician can uncover any serious problems and get them fixed before the inspection.

Get Rid of Hazardous Material

Asbestos, lead paint, and radon can kill a home sale. Homes built prior to 1980 could have asbestos in floor tiles, ceiling tiles, siding, and insulation. Lead paint was banned in 1978, so if there is lead paint in your house, it’s probably been painted over with latex. Radon is an invisible radioactive gas that seeps up through the ground. Fortunately, there are affordable ways to redirect radon away from the house. Testing for these materials ahead of time can help prevent nasty surprises in your home inspection.

Acing your home inspection can be costly. However, doing so could ensure that you get a good selling price. Take a look at these areas of your home before putting it on the market to give yourself the best chance of a quick and rewarding sale.