Working out is essential to wellness. If you’re a fan of fitness, you probably think it’s all about the gains. While seeing your results after a tough workout is satisfying, there’s something that fitness lovers neglect: getting enough sleep. The truth is, sleep is a key component in getting the most out of your workout. Once you understand the benefits of sleep for your fitness, you’ll be investing in one of the best queen mattresses on the market in no time.

Sleep Aids the Recovery Process

When you’re in the gym pumping iron, your muscles tear so they can rebuild stronger than they were. If you’re constantly running around, your torn muscles don’t have the time to rest and rebuild. Getting adequate amounts of rest will get you on the fast track to fitness success.

Sleep Motivates Better Workouts

Not only does rest help you repair damaged muscles, it also helps motivate you to get up and exercise. Did you know that a lack of sleep before a workout actually makes it harder? If you plan on working out and want to go hard, try prioritizing around eight hours of sleep the night before.

Sleep Regulates Your Circadian Rhythm

Getting quality sleep and exercise go hand-in-hand. When you sleep before you work out, you give your body energy. During your workout, your body understands the schedule it needs to be on. As you sleep, your body’s circadian rhythm, which is an internal clock, helps give you the right energy in the morning and helps you relax when it gets late.

If you only have time working out in the evening, you can still find a low-impact workout that will allow you to still get some sleep and benefit your health. Working out is especially great if you have trouble falling asleep as it may help you fall asleep quicker.

As you can see, sleep and fitness have a symbiotic relationship. Although you may think it’s beneficial to you to spend more time working out than sleeping, you’re doing your physical and mental wellness a disservice by not getting enough shuteye.

Whether you’re new to the fitness circuit or you consider yourself a veteran, getting your rest is essential for success. Even if you have a busy schedule and think you have to separate the two, it will do you a world of good to prioritize both.