Creating makeup looks and effects can become a rabbit hole that is difficult to get out of. Not only can it be extremely fun to experiment, but the only limit to what you can do is the one you put on yourself. Professional artists are a testament to that, as we get to see some transformations on Instagram that we cannot believe with our own eyes! 

However, every good part of some kind of messy play means you need a good clean-up routine, and this is especially true for items that go on our skin.

Read this piece to find out how you can keep your makeup tools clean!

Why Clean Your Makeup Tools?

Bacteria is the short answer as to why you should clean your makeup tools. When we use the same tools over and over again, we transfer bacteria from many places such as products, the air, and our skin to and from each other. This can cause a cesspit of germs that can end up causing inflammation on our skin, spots, and other conditions that could be avoided with the proper hygiene. 

If you notice your skin is flaring up after applying makeup, it might not be the makeup itself; it could be your dirty brushes!

Use Dish Soap or Baby Shampoo

You can get your hands on actual makeup tool cleaners that have been designed specifically for this purpose, but realistically, there are some items that can be found in your home already that will do just as good of a job if you do not want to splurge. Dish soap is a common choice for cleaning makeup tools, as it works effectively to get rid of stubborn stains, which lipsticks, long-wear foundations, and mascara are well known for. Not only that, but if you use professional FX special effects makeup, you can expect some of the products to look welded onto the tools! You also only need the tiniest bit of dish soap, which makes this a cost-effective and very simple hack.

For those who want to use something a little gentler, baby shampoo can also work very well, which is good for those who have expensive brushes with delicate hairs. 

Use Alcohol

Using medical-grade alcohol, 80% and over, not your glass of wine, can help keep your makeup tools hygienic in a pinch if you have not had time to clean them properly and need to use them. This will kill any lingering bacteria that could be transferred onto your face. That being said, this hack does work best for non-fibrous tools, which will not just soak up the alcohol. If you have some plain sponges that need to be wet before you use them, popping them in the microwave in some water for a minute can also kill off a significant number of germs. This is also useful for your kitchen sponges too! However, it is always better to wash everything than to rely on this hack regularly.