You probably already know the benefits of having your air ducts cleaned if you are a homeowner. Vent sanitization is an additional service provided by certified technicians. It uses a sanitizer and takes advantage of your AC system’s airflow to sanitize all parts of it. Why should you have the vents sanitized in addition to being cleaned?

Serious Health Conditions

Air vent cleaning helps remove most of the pathogens that cause issues and illnesses such as asthma and tuberculosis. However, there are those who are more sensitive to these pathogens and others, and thus they require higher quality air. For them, the air must be clean all the time and this is whysanitization is very important. This increased air quality can also help everyone who lives in the home.

You Have Experienced Water Damage or Leaks in the Vents

If you have experienced leaks or water damage in the vents before, it is likely that mold and mildew started growing and you do not know it yet. In these cases, sanitization does a much better job of ensuring the mold and mildew is dealt with the right way.

You Have Moved to a New Home

One thing most of us do not think about when we move to a new home is who used to live there. We do not know anything about them, whether they took care of their ducts, whether they were sick or even whether they had pets. While there may be other areas of the house that need to be cleaned and sanitized, you should start with the vents first. 

The reason is that the AC system will circulate the air in the ducts to all the areas of the house when you switch it on, and you do not know what that air will be carrying. Because there may be lots of ducts to sanitize, and you do not have to putyourself in harm’s way, call a professional duct cleaning and sanitizing company. 

A great choice for those moving to Denver is Eddie’s Duct Service, whose professionals have combined decades of experience cleaning and sanitizing both residential and commercial vent and ducts. In residential properties, they handle all house areas, including the kitchen, bathroom, and laundry room, while in the commercial space, they handle all types of commercial ducts and vents.

Your Pets May Have Had Access to the Vents

While pets make for great companions, they also introduce dirt, odors, and messes into the home. Things can get worse when the pet is small enough to get into and urinate in your vents, or when debris gets into the vents. This is especially a problem if you have vents close to the floor. The odors and debris can be carried around the house and cause issues everywhere. Consider getting your vents checked and sanitized every few months if you have pets.

A healthy home needs good air quality, which you can achieve through vent cleaning and sanitization. All the bacteria, viruses, mold, and mildew that exist in your events can cause serious issues, and this is why taking this extra cautionary step is so important.

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