Canceling a vacation is frustrating! Especially if you needed it. However, that doesn’t mean that all is lost. If you had to cancel your vacation, don’t worry. There are some great alternatives you can do to get your rest and relaxation. If you are still dreaming of your Hawaiian vacation, here are five ways to bring Hawaii to you. Here are some great ways to get the island to you.

Fill Your House with Hawaiian Plants 

You can use Hawaii-themed plants in your home. These plants are native to the islands and can quickly be grown on the mainland in containers. Then, you can bring them indoors during bad weather. Lei flowers and plumeria will bring the island’s warm feeling to your home.

While you can choose tropical accents from the flowers themselves, don’t forget to consider the basic color schemes. While you’re creating a Hawaiian-themed home, you’re creating a tropical paradise. Whether you’re looking for a tropical accent for your living room or an outdoor plant for your backyard, these plants will make your home feel like a Hawaiian haven.

Order from Local Hawaiian Consumer Brands

Buying Hawaii-made products online is a great way to spread the Aloha spirit. You can purchase various Hawaiian gifts online, including delicious Manoa chocolates, gift boxes, and personalized message cards. These products are made right in the Islands, so you can be sure that they are made with care.

You can also be sure that the gift will arrive fresh and undamaged. If you’re ordering for a family member or friend, especially if they had to cancel their tropical vacation, then this will be the perfect gift for them. You can purchase a gift certificate from a Hawaiian-based company or buy an item for delivery.

Visit a Hawaii Themed Restaurant

If you’ve never tried eating in a Hawaiian-themed restaurant, you’re missing out. You can enjoy a variety of local favorites at many of these establishments near you. Most of the restaurant’s menus offer plenty of fresh fruit and other Hawaii-themed treats. Many Hawaiian-themed restaurants provide live entertainment, including tikis and music reminiscent of the Islands.

If you want to try Hawaiian food, you’ll need to make sure you’re a fan of raw fish. A Hawaii-themed restaurant will serve you everything from the best BBQ to the most delicious tropical desserts. This cuisine has become a favorite for many, so you might want to find a place close to you. You’ll be happy you did.

Incorporate Hawaiian decor in your home

Use colors associated with the islands, such as blue and green. These colors are related to the sun and its cloudless atmosphere, while green is associated with the plentiful vegetation. You can also use Hawaiian-style art to decorate your walls.

You can even try to copy the patterns of traditional Hawaiian pieces of artwork on your pillows and throw blankets. You can also place Hawaiian-themed candles, pineapple lamps, and other items around your home to create a festive ambiance.

Choose those that reflect the island’s unique culture in terms of furnishings. However, you can incorporate elements from other cultures into your Hawaiian-inspired decor. The essential characteristics will help you create a beautiful environment.

Visiting a Hawaiian Themed Spa

One way to treat yourself and relieve stress is by visiting a Hawaiian-themed spa. According to Reader’s Digest in the UK, hotels have been therapeutic. A traditional Hawaiian massage, Lomi, uses foot-long guava sticks to apply pressure on the body.

This massage is said to have direct connections to organs and other parts of the body. The process is considered ancient and is popular among the local healers. A visit to a Hawaiian-themed spa is not complete without a mani-pedi. Relaxing in the sea breeze or stepping inside a relaxed and comfortable private room will leave you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.


With the current situation in the world, the cancellation of flights and trips has become increasingly common. That, however, does not mean that you still can’t have a good time. All you need to do is adapt to the situation. After all, when life gives you lemons, make a Hawaiian cocktail.