Job shadowing entails observing a professional performing his regular duties in a career you are interested in and want to pursue later. It’s a common practice that gives students a clear picture of what a specific career entails. Job shadowing, also known as work shadowing, exposes the learner to a given field and equips him with practice knowledge and skills to execute duties in that line of specialization. Here are some of the best five places to reach out and enroll in a job shadowing program.


Hospitals present the best avenue for students in the medical field such as medicine, surgery, dentists, and nurses to Job shadow. Both public and private hospitals will accept job shadowing applications. The only limitation with shadowing in hospitals is that you can only be allowed to follow some employees and, to a certain extent, depending on the confidentiality and nature of such staff’s work. However, this should not discourage you, as you will always have the opportunity to learn from other medical practitioners.

On a positive note, once your job shadowing application is accepted in a hospital, you will access numerous medical personnel and resources. This means that you can gain as much exposure during the shadowing program as you would want. Moreover, most public hospitals are known for their generosity and will offer allowances and stipends to students who enroll in job shadowing programs successfully.

Learning Institutions

Recently, we have been seeing thousands of people enrolling in the teaching and education sector, which has become one of the leading professions in the world. There is no end to learning, and education is compulsory, and this means that the demand for teachers and educators is very high. Thus with this high demand, it’s straightforward to secure a job shadowing opportunity in any level of learning institution.

Most colleges continually advertise internships, industrial attachment, and job shadowing programs to interested learners. Internships and job shadowing in learning institutions are open for persons who have pursued diploma and degree courses in education such as teaching. If you are on your path to becoming a teacher, it goes without saying that schools that have the highest number of pupils are the best to enroll for your job shadowing program. Remember, students are unique and have different learning styles, and thus the more you deal with many students, the more you get to understand the pupils and be better placed to perform your teaching duties.

Construction Management Industry

Every day residential and commercial houses are being built, which should signal something into your mind. The construction management field entails the construction of apartments, controlling and managing construction site projects such as soil testing. It’s a closely related field to real estate management that also entails building, renting, and selling houses. This industry will provide job shadowing opportunities to persons intending to become successful engineers, Construction managers, sustainability consultants, project managers, and project directors.

As an industry that mainly deals with technical work, you will be assigned to a real estate mentor to familiarize you with the real estate industry and ensure that you gain vital skills and knowledge to serve clients in this field of work.


There are various companies with unique roles and set of professionals. They focus on production while others concentrate on sales and distribution. Nonetheless, you can always get a job shadowing opportunity in any of these companies. In most companies, the head office always hosts most employees, such as secretaries, accountants, supervisors, and managers. This means that you will want to apply for a job shadowing opportunity in the head office instead of applying for a job in a company’s subsidiary.

As a shadowed in a reputable organization, you can improve your communication skills as you are allowed to relate with clients every day. Moreover, you can put into practice the various theories that you have been learning from your teachers all over the years.

Hospitality Firms

The hospitality industry will accommodate shadowee who have undertaken tourism, catering, and fashion courses. It entails receiving guests warmly and treating them kindly. Currently, the hospitality sector is among the fastest-growing industries in the United States.

In the sections above, you will find some of the top five places that you will want to reach out to and apply for the job shadowing program. Regardless of your location, you can be sure that the top five places mentioned in this blog will be more willing to take you as their shadowee.