So you’ve decided to install new attractive and natural limestone floors in your home that will be the envy of neighbors and visiting family. Limestone is a great choice for many homes. Because it’s so versatile and comes in so many colors and textures, it can go almost anywhere in the house and look great. Additionally, while it might be more of an investment than vinyl or other artificial floorings, it’s more affordable than most other kinds of natural stone. It’s an investment that is sure to be worthwhile—if you can maintain and protect them from wear and tear. Here are the top care and maintenance tips for your new limestone floors to keep them in tip-top shape for years to come.

Regular Sweeping

Leaving dust and dirt can wreak havoc on your limestone floors. The friction generated while walking on it will, over time, erode into the limestone and denigrate its shine. Accordingly, you should diligently sweep your floors at least a few times every week to keep them clear of debris. Areas with higher traffic may need more attention.

In addition to vacuuming, you might also want to consider laying down mats at the entry points to absorb some of the debris on shoes or feet before they can make it to the floor. Just be sure to keep your mats clean too and regularly vacuum underneath!

Careful Mopping

You should mop your floors regularly as well. Just be careful not to use too much water as limestone is porous and easily absorbs excess water. Down the road, this could lead to problems as mop water (or water from other sources) can work its way into the stone and cause discoloration. 

However, you also don’t want to use harsh chemicals on this kind of flooring. Instead, simply use warm water and a gentle soap, and wring excess water out of your mop before you start. After cleaning with soap and water, go over the floors again with just water in order to take care of any soapy residue left behind.


Steaming doesn’t necessarily have to be a regular part of your limestone maintenance routine (after all, most of us don’t have steam-cleaners in our garage). However, renting one perhaps once a year can help to break up and then dissolve stains and other debris that can infiltrate the limestone and cause discoloration over time. After steaming, follow up with thorough sweeping and mopping to make sure you’ve gotten the debris loosed by the steam cleaning.

Again, you don’t need to worry about steam-cleaning on a regular basis, just every now and then to get the bits of dirt that you might miss in your regular cleaning routine.

Take Care of Any Spills Immediately

Mitigating discoloration and other forms of damage caused by liquid spills depends heavily on time. Cleaning them up as fast as possible can reduce the fallout. Never let spills sit unattended for a few days or even hours. If you do, they could become permanent. Sealing your limestone tiles can help protect against stains, but it will have to be reapplied. Usually, you can go at least a year between sealings, but you may be able to go even longer. 

If you follow these easy tips, you’ll be sure to keep your limestone in the best possible shape to protect your investment and keep impressing your loved ones who stop by to admire your beautiful floors.