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When you’re planning on a US state visit — or maybe planning to take in all the states — then California should be at the top of your list. It’s a must-see destination for travel lovers from around the globe, and there are many reasons why California is a hot spot for tourists and locals alike. 

  1. It’s a Great Mix of City Life and Hiking

There’s no doubt that California offers the best of everything. So whether you’re looking for a vibrant city trip to the likes of Los Angeles, or you’re more into long hikes and stunning scenery, there’s something for everyone. When you think of California, you may think of a busy community life, but there are also many great spots for people looking for a retreat or wanting to connect with nature. 

  1. The Beaches

You’re spoiled for choice when it comes to the beaches in California, so if you’re looking for a sun and sand trip, California has many great offerings for you. Some of the most popular beaches in California include: 

  • Malibu
  • Laguna
  • Pfeiffer
  • Half Moon Bay
  • Pismo

This only scratches the surface of the hundreds of beaches California has to enjoy, including soft sand and hiker-friendly cliff paths. 

  1. The Social Scene

California is the perfect place if you love being out amongst people, meeting new people, or being part of a busy social scene, whether it’s main attractions, pubs, clubs, or restaurants. You’re able to meet people from all walks of life no matter where you go in California, and if you’re taking a solo trip, you can even take advantage of professional CA Escort Services to find the perfect companion for your vacation. 

  1. The Film Industry

When you think of California, you may think of Hollywood and the affluent film industry there. This makes California a number-one spot for film enthusiasts. Alongside the Hollywood landmark sign, you can explore the Walk of Fame and Chinese Theatre, as well as explore the cinema-rich neighborhoods and studios. 

  1. The Music Festivals 

If you’re a music lover, then taking a trip to California wouldn’t be complete without experiencing one of the many music festivals. Coachella is one of the biggest and most popular music festivals in California, but this state’s music history is rich with an array of festivals and famous performers. 

  1. The Food and Wine Scene

You won’t go wanting when it comes to food and drink in California. There is a huge focus on healthy and locally-sourced food, as well as a key interest in the latest and greatest superfood. Not to mention the great choice of exceptional restaurants spread throughout California. 

You then have the iconic California Wine Country if you’re a lover of this particular beverage, with many different wineries to experience, visit and take a tour of. 

  1. National Parks 

As mentioned, California is a great mix of city life and nature offerings, and this is demonstrated no better than through its wide offering of national parks. The state has nine national parks to take in and stunning landscapes to explore. 

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