In the last two years, being a parent entailed some additional challenges due to the pandemic. Birthday parties became a thing of the past while teaching independence was incredibly hard. However, there’s always something good to be found in any situation. The pandemic made millions of parents better at their job and brought some creative innovations to the parenting method, influencing new parenting trends. Here are some evolving parenting trends you should pay attention to in 2022.

Focus on intentional screen time

Two years ago, most parents couldn’t even think of having their child on their tablets or laptops 24/7, however, this became an inescapable reality in most families. Online school, staying in touch with friends and family that are quarantining, and having a source of entertainment during difficult times are definitely some of the benefits of extended screen time. However, there always has to be a certain balance, even when parenting during the global pandemic. Since being exposed to blue lights has become the necessary evil of childhood, you may want to cut down on their recreational screen time and encourage family bonding. For example, you may enjoy a video game as a family or watch a trending Netflix special together. This way, your kids will practice their social skills while still engaging with their favorite devices.

Sustainable parenting is imperative

As parents, we have always wanted the best for our young ones. However, our understanding of what that is is continuously changing and being impacted by new scientific breakthroughs. In the last couple of years, public consciousness about global warming has increased, which has to lead the rise in sustainable parenting practices. For example, it’s imperative to look at the background of the business you want to support to know if your money is supporting a good cause instead of unsustainable business methods. Teaching your kids how to properly recycle is one of the best ways to introduce eco-awareness into your parenting. Also, make sure to cut down on your plastic use and buy toys made out of recycled materials. 

Virtual support groups for parents

During the pandemic, one of the best ways to stay sane while locked in the house for months straight was to find an online community of people who share your interests. Online support groups for parents have become a safe haven for many new parents as well as for experienced ones who’d like to share their vast knowledge. From forums to apps, the opportunities for connecting with other parents are endless. One such app which has stood out is Mumli. There, you will find curated advice for confused parents, while you can also get in touch with many people who share the same troubles as you.

Caregiving is not only for moms

Young parents around the globe have decided that the traditional gender norms are there to be broken. Many millennial and Gen-Z dads are taking over the traditionally maternal roles and are becoming more involved in their kids’ lives than the previous generations. The responsibilities of raising a family are tough for one person to handle, which is why it’s always better to have your partner on your side. Additionally, there are more stay-at-home dads than ever before. Fathers are also becoming more enthusiastic to research parenting dilemmas they might have and watch educational content. Young parents are realizing that the gender of the parent is not important. What is imperative is that your kids have parents who love and care for them.

Being a parent in the last couple of years came with many new challenges but we came out of it stronger and armed with new parenting methods. In 2022, technology will be integrated into your households more than ever before, while sustainable parenting will be taking off. What is also great is that dads are becoming more involved than ever. The future is now, which is why it’s crucial to embrace it and grow alongside your children.