One of the biggest mistakes a lot of people tend to forget is skipping breakfast. Not eating enough in the morning will affect your entire day. To be specific, you must nourish your body with a well-balanced breakfast packed with energy to get you through all the activities you have planned out. Without food, our bodies usually start to conserve energy and in turn burn fewer calories which ultimately slows down our metabolism and energy. This phenomenon better explains why breakfast is usually deemed as the most important meal of the day. Given that it can sometimes be tough to prioritize the kitchen oversleep when looking for breakfast options, you will find that several quick meals will give you all the right nutrients required to quickstart your day.

Here are 6 healthy breakfast recipes for all-day energy.

Fruit smoothies

This is an example of a quick and easy breakfast idea that would only need around 10 minutes of your time. Smoothies are great given that they are packed with a ton of nutrients required to boost and maintain your energy throughout your day. You can use fruits as your sweeteners when preparing smoothies, as well as natural sweeteners like dates and honey. Coconut water and almond milk make for amazing options as your base, followed by hemp seeds, almond butter/peanut butter, frozen bananas, berries as well as greek yogurt which are fantastic protein pumpers. Tumeric is a fun smoothie addition, that is anti-inflammatory and antioxidant. You can research the health benefits of turmeric for more information about the positive effects of adding turmeric to smoothies.

 Multigrain cereal

If you want to get a jump-start, then you can make the grain dry mix the night before. This is a pretty straightforward recipe as all it entails is mixing the cereal with the ideal milk of your choice. You can also make the hot version which involves cooking the trail mix under low heat with milk and then stored in the fridge. 


Oatmeal is one of the most popular breakfast options you can go for when looking for breakfast ideas that are packed with nutrients suitable to give you energy throughout the day. Oatmeal has complex carbohydrates which are processed for a longer period of time, extending your energy compared to simple carbohydrates. There are multiple ways in which you can make your oatmeal including overnight oats, oatmeal smoothies, and bowls, incorporating them in pancakes as well as being the base for baked goods. You can also use the best pinole oatmeal recipe to take your breakfasts to the next level.

Yogurt parfait

This is an example of how you can make a simple yogurt breakfast less boring but still maintain the amount of nutrients packed into the meal. It simply involves pairing your favorite yogurt, in most cases greek yogurt, with a variety of parfait toppings such as dried fruit, chopped nuts, flaxseed, chia seeds, or sesame seeds. You can also sprinkle some cinnamon for a sweet flavoring which is great for your blood sugar.

Open faced sandwiches

Open sandwiches are a great way to enjoy your bread without having too much of it. You can make a simple egg, spinach, and tomato sandwich which will only take you around 10 minutes to prep and cook. You can also top it off with an avocado which is packed with loads of healthy fats as well as potassium, vitamins, and folate.

Energy bars

If you are in a rush and do not have the time to make breakfast, you can always grab some energy bars packed with cacao on your way out. Energy bars are extremely convenient and contain multiple nutrients which you need to get through your day. If you do not want the excess sugars that are found in store-bought energy bars, you can make your own at home in bulk and store them. You can also pair your energy bars with hard-boiled eggs or protein shakes to keep your energy up for much longer.

It is clear that you do not need a 10 step recipe when looking for a healthy and nutritional breakfast anymore. There are multiple options you can find which will cater to your health needs, and will not hurt your wallet in the long run. A healthier and stronger version of you begins with what you put in your body.