Severe weather events can wreak havoc on your home’s roof. Like many homeowners, you may be tempted to wait the storm season out before having seemingly minor damages repaired. However, there are several good reasons to schedule roofing service right now.

Small Problems Can Spiral Out of Control

One of the most common forms of roof damage following any major storm is missing, bent, or broken shingles. When just one or two shingles are missing, this can seem like a minor aesthetic issue. In reality, however, roofs are built in layers. Shingles are the outermost protective layer for shielding the roofing substrate and keeping moisture out of the building. If you ignore missing or damaged shingles now, the next storm could cause progressive harm to the roofing materials that lie beneath them.

Prevent Damage at the Building Interior

Roof problems are easy to ignore when they’re relatively minor and confined solely to the exterior of the building. However, when water moves past the roofing substrate and enters the living environment, fixing these issues often becomes a top priority. Taking care of a few missing shingles now can prevent blistering, peeling paint, discolored drywall and ceilings, and other aesthetic and structural damages that simply cannot be overlooked.

Limit the Likelihood of Pest Problems and Mold Issues

Moisture damage isn’t the only problem that you’re likely to experience by putting roof repairs off. Cracks, gaps, and other openings in roofing materials can create viable entrances for insects and other pests. As temperatures warm back up, consistently damp building materials and easy access to water can make these spaces ideal breeding grounds. They can additionally set the stage for pervasive mold growth.

Not only are these issues likely at the actual roof, but they can additionally develop in torn or otherwise compromised gutters and downspouts. Fortunately, companies like Bounds Brothers Roofing and Construction LLC can perform thorough inspections of all roofing elements. They can also replace damaged components and ensure that both the roof and its drainage system are well-prepared for future weather events.

Minimize Your Repair Costs

It’s always cheaper to handle roof repairs when they only affect shingles or other outer roofing layers. Waiting for the storm season to pass can result in warped and rotted framing, torn flashing, and separation at the roof valleys. Having professionals restore a solid, watertight barrier will protect your home, your roof’s substrate, and your savings.

Protect Your Home Insurance Plan

All home warranties and insurance plans have terms and conditions that policy or warranty holders must meet. More often than not, these terms require homeowners to address maintenance and repair issues in a timely and appropriate fashion. This way, the costs of claims or warranty repairs are not unnecessarily high. Although your home insurance company may be willing to pay for minor storm damages caused by a recent severe weather event, they will not cover the costs of significant building damage resulting from delayed roof repairs. At the very least, putting roof repairs off after a storm can result in additional out-of-pocket spending. However, in some instances, extreme negligence on the part of homeowners can result in all related policies and warranties being voided. Moreover, the more widespread that roof-related damage becomes, the more policies and warranties that will likely be affected.

Whenever roofing damage is suspected after any major storm event, it’s important to schedule a roof inspection. Scheduling timely repairs for storm-related roof damage can prevent a host of unnecessary problems. This is the best way to protect your home investment, your insurance policy, and any warranties that you currently have in place.