The people in any business have a great influence on whether intended goals could be achieved. The performance of a team is greatly hinged on their motivations and interests. A motivated team is more likely to share in the interests of the business. Therefore, there is a need for entrepreneurs to determine ways to keep a business team motivated. This article looks at some of the best options to consider in this endeavor.


For years, people have received awards for commendable deeds. The same sentiment is applicable to the workplace. We, as human beings, love receiving appreciation for our deeds. Awards are a good way to show honest appreciation and recognition for the work done by a team. They also serve as a measure of the milestones achieved by an individual. Awards can be given in merit of achieving certain levels of performance. Doing so can trigger a competitive workspace that encourages the team to perform better. Awards also create a positive attitude towards business, given its rewarding nature. Custom awards are an affordable form of motivation and can be incorporated into many business landscapes.

Personal development

A team that is experiencing personal development from being a part of your business will most likely outdo themselves. It is only sound to invest your time and energy in something that improves your livelihood. Hence, a team is more likely to commit itself and its resources to a worthwhile business. Training exercises are a good personal development strategy as they improve individual skills and concurrently boost business performance. Benefit schemes such as insurance are also a good way to motivate your team by portraying your value for them. Time and target bound incentives, in the form of assets or betterment funds, are also ideal tools in this case. Supporting professional and career growth is also a good way to keep the team invested in your vision.

Complementary Goals and Objectives

Business goals and objectives should be well shared with the team to ensure they understand what they are a part of. A team that understands what is expected of them is more likely to deliver. It would be ideal for harmonizing these goals so that they are realistic and achievable. Unrealistic goals can be frustrating for the team, hindering optimal performance. It would also be commendable to help the team realize how the goals of your business benefit them. The set vision should also inspire the team to strive toward it. The team and the business having aligned objectives ensures peak efficiency. Allowing the team to contribute to these goals breeds inclusion which improves participation.

Work Environment

A pleasant work environment guarantees a healthy team. The team can achieve optimal performance when set up in a location that appeals to their interests and intrigues. Being comfortable in this environment allows the team to deliver results without strain. A stress-free environment also encourages communication and collaborative behavior. This triggers a lot of creativity and innovation as the team is not hindered from sharing their ideas and concerns. A stimulating work environment keeps the team interested and feeling good. A good work environment results in an infectious and positive enthusiasm, which translates into optimism for achieving organizational objectives. Setting up a suitable environment can be a straightforward project with reasonable cost implications.

Adequate Pay

Many measure the value for their work and services in the form of subsequent pay. It would be commendable to make sure your team is adequately remunerated. Pay should be logically equal to the services rendered by your team to keep them enthusiastic about your business goals. Pay should also be competitive with the other players in the same business industry. Inadequate pay will create an unfocussed team that is not invested in the business’ goals. A business may lose a capable team for undervaluing its worth. Paying the team well demonstrates respect for individual contribution and is full compensation for service rendered. Poor remuneration can also trigger conflict as partners feel taken advantage of. Proper remuneration is also an investment in the team as a resource.


Team morale should be a key consideration for any firm as it determines performance. There are numerous ways to motivate your team.