Keeping your business assets secure is important for the growth of the business. Clients and employees also need to feel safe as they visit and work at the physical location. So, what are you doing to assure everyone of security? Are you doing enough? Here is a look at 5 ways you can improve security and your business.

Carry Out Regular Building Inspections

You may have an expensive alarm system in place, sturdy doors, and other security features but if these fail you will be in serious trouble. You need to ensure all security measures are in good working conditions at all times. You can do this by carrying out frequent inspections of the building. Assign someone to go round the building at least once a day. They should be on the lookout for abnormal human behavior, gaping holes in fences, doors left unlocked when they should be locked, and other security breaches.

A thorough building inspection will ensure your security measures are in good condition and will not fail when needed. A good way to ensure these inspections are always carried out is to hire security guards. These guards will also keep watch at all times giving people a sense of security.

A hidden benefit of building inspections is being up to date with repairs. Any equipment, tools, and items that need repair will be easily identified during the inspection and can be repaired as soon as possible.

Restrict Access

Not all employees should be allowed to walk into and out of the server room as they wish. This is not to say the server room is the only important place in the business. Every part has its own importance and needs to be protected from unauthorized access. Only allow employees to access the areas they need to execute their duties. Remember, many thefts and burglar attacks are organized by employees and other people who are familiar with a business’ operations.

Issue all employees with badges for easy identification and to increase accountability. Access systems need to be installed in high-risk areas. Only specific cardholders should be allowed to get in. Keys should not be given to just anyone. An inventory of all keys and who the holders are should be kept.

Invest in Good Lighting

A well-lit business is less likely to be broken into than one that is dark and creepy. After all, there is a reason why more muggings happen in dark alleys than well-lit avenues. The perpetrators do not want to be seen and darkness is the perfect cover.

Invest in good security lights that keep watch when you lock up. Motion sensing lights are awesome because they startle thieves and can make them change their minds. But security lights will increase your energy bill, right? Worry no more. There are reliable solar lights that can light up the place without adding any extra cost to your monthly bill.

Commercial solar flood lights are perfect examples. These lights have solar panels that capture solar energy by the day and use it to give light by night. These solar lights are easy to install, sustainable, and offer good lighting. 

Install Alarm systems and CCTV cameras

Thieves will tend to avoid areas with CCTV cameras. They do not want their evil acts to be recorded on camera and make it easy to find them. They are still humans after all and they do not want to end up in prison. Having cameras in every part of your business will keep thieves away.

Alarms also pose the same benefit as CCTV. Burglars will avoid any places with alarms. If an alarm sounds and response is fast, they could get caught and land in big trouble.

CCTV and alarm systems serve both as preventive and responsive measures. In case of any break-ins, CCTV cameras record it while alarms are set off and draw the attention of security enforcers.

Secure Your Data

You need to shred all documents with important data immediately after use lest they fall into the wrong hands. Information saved on computers should be secured by using strong passwords.

All businesses need to be cyber secure. You must ensure that your website has the necessary encryption and firewalls to ensure all information you have on the site is safe from hackers and cyberattackers. Some important measures each business should take to improve cybersecurity include upgrading security protocol and measuring the effectiveness of current measures.

Improving security at your business is critical to your success. A single security breach can cause your business to close shop. In matters of security, it is better safe than sorry. Take action today.

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