Work, no matter where it is done, can be stressful. Working from home can certainly relieve some of the stresses that might be found in the office, but that doesn’t mean that it’s stress-free. If you have had a hard day, you don’t want the stress from work clinging to you while you’re trying to relax in your evenings. Here are a few tips that can help you get out of that stressy work mindset and to maintain your mental health in general.

Use some aromatherapy

While the specific health benefits of essential oils might not be strictly proven, there is no doubt that they have become a popular way to ease stress. As such, making use of a reed diffuser for the home can help you potentially introduce some calm and relieve some of the tension affecting you. Some of the most popular choices for dealing with stress include lavender and ylang-ylang.

Clear your mind

Another practice that is widely recommended, to the point that it has been used for centuries to great effect, is that of meditation. Meditation is not about reaching some higher state, as some may think, but rather about focusing your thoughts on the moment, which can help pull them away from distracting thoughts. There are plenty of meditation apps that can teach you the basics and help you make a daily habit out of it, as well.

Sweat it off

Although you might not feel like you have the energy to do much after work, the truth is that if you get into a workout after some time to fuel up, it can actually help you feel more energetic throughout the day, not less. What’s more, exercise releases endorphins, which can also help lift your mood, both immediately and in general. There are plenty of light workouts you can do at home, and you don’t necessarily need a whole gym. A few resistance bands can do much the same trick.

The herbal approach

Your mileage may vary when it comes to using any kind of outside influence to manage your mood. However, there’s no denying that a lot of people find that a little THC can do a lot of good to immediately shift your mood once you’re done with work, and some parts of the country make it totally legal to start growing marijuana at home. In Ontario, it’s legal to grow up to four plants, for instance.

Brew a cup

There’s a different kind of leaf that can help manage stress, as well. Chamomile tea is highly recommended for dealing with stress, to the point that it has some evidence to suggest that it works against anxiety disorders. Some people will even take chamomile supplements, so you have options if you’re not fond of drinking a cup of tea, as well.

Minding your health while you work from home is crucial. Keep the tips above in mind if you feel like work has been stressing you out a little too much lately.