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It’s one of the biggest struggles that people go through in life: you need a job to pay to live, and you need time to live without work. Finding a balance between the two can be exceptionally difficult to discover, and you need that balance if you want success. Traveling the world – or even the country – is a luxury for most people. However, that doesn’t mean that you couldn’t be doing it.

Whether you are looking at truck driving jobs up and down the country or you want to go further afield, you can work and not be in the same place for too long. There are plenty of options out there for those who don’t want to stay still. There are careers that can be global and there are those that will give you the chance to allow that travel bug to bite. With this in mind, here are some of the best career ideas for those who love to be out in the world having fun.

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  1. Teaching. If you want to teach, why not teach abroad as an English teacher? There is so much that you can do to give back to others and teaching is one of the best ways that you can do it. You can get out there to any country crying out for teachers of English as a second language and impart your knowledge and your skills. You don’t always have to travel, but you can move location and spend time there.
  2. Writing. Did you know that some magazines hire travel writers? These writers go out to different destinations and write about them, experiencing and reviewing the hotels and the local stores and restaurants. You can do this as you travel, but it’s not always easy to find the right work.
  3. Photography. Destination weddings often need a flexible photographer who is willing to take pictures! If you are writing for magazines, too, you can also be that accompanying travel photographer getting the best pictures! If you aren’t able to find a photography job, you need to think about freelancing your skills this way.
  4. Military. Are you looking to move and see the world? Well, being in the military could get you what you want. You could also be put through school for free if you do your years of service. You may not always have a say in where you are stationed, but it’s going to help you to see the world if you are a part of something like the military. You get to travel way more as a military person than if you weren’t a part of it. 
  5. Performer. From the circus to a working actor, you might consider performing for money and moving around the world. Opportunities aren’t the easiest to come by but with the right schooling and representation, you can travel and work at the same time.

Traveling while you work is the dream for those with wanderlust, so why not check out these careers above and get started?