When most people think of a jungle gym, they typically think of the ones that are located outside. However, more and more families are now opting to build these fun play areas inside their homes. A great way for kids to remain active on cold winter days or when downpours won’t allow for outside play, it is still important that safety be the top priority. To make the jungle gym inside your home safer, follow these tips.

Padded Bars

Once your kids start using their jungle gym, their goal will be to run and jump as much as possible. When they do, the risk is always there for someone to eventually bump their head against a bar, which could result in a serious injury. To avoid this, make sure your jungle gym has padded bars or ones made of very soft plastic.

No Sharp Edges

Whether your home’s jungle gym is made entirely of wood or has some metal components tossed in here and there, always check to make sure it has no sharp edges where kids could cut themselves. From screws that may be sticking out to splinters or sharp metal edges, double-check this before giving your kids the okay to play.

Soft Padding Underneath

When kids use a jungle gym, part of the fun is occasionally falling. However, it’s no fun when they fall to a hard surface below. To ensure a soft landing, use foam big blocks for higher falls or other types of soft padding that allow your kids to have a good time, yet experience a soft landing should they fall. Foam big blocks are a common way to pad under rope swings or deeper pits as it is really soft and can be piled on top of each other for added padding.

Talk to Your Kids About Safety

Though your kids will want to jump right in and start using their new jungle gym, take some time beforehand to discuss how they can use it in a safe manner. Whether you set certain rules or talk about how high they should swing, emphasizing safety before playtime begins can pay off in many ways.

Test its Stability

Finally, always double-check everything before you let your kids start playing on their jungle gym. If your jungle gym is new, test its stability to ensure no part of it collapses when in use. Also, do a quick check to make sure nothing has come loose that could result in an unexpected fall.

By emphasizing safety with your kids and building your jungle gym to the exact specifications for your children, you will have peace of mind as you watch your kids running and jumping around in their jungle gym.