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Opening a cleaning business is a rewarding experience that can also offer a steady flow of income. One of the biggest difficulties of running any business is keeping the right people on staff. Training new maids is not always easy, but with proper training, these professionals will be capable of serving the owner’s customers. 

Great Care Must Be Taken in Selecting Staff Members

Whenever a person starts their own cleaning business, they need to take care to ensure they hire the right employees. Training must not be a rushed process or the owner could end up with substandard work being carried out. In addition to hiring the right maids, owners also need to begin using maid dispatch software

Four Tips for Training New Maids

Training is highly essential for ensuring the maids in a company are able to offer the highest level of cleaning services. Some aspects of training are easier than others. Individuals need to consider the following tips to ensure their maids are trained at the right level and are ready to provide consummate service. 

1. Team Scheduled Training

The approach to training a maid will depend on the number of employees and how the company runs its cleaning services. If a single maid is typically sent to a residence, a new maid should be sent with an experienced maid to receive on-the-job training. 

If groups of maids work together, scheduling group training is beneficial and more cost-effective. Owners need to consider the way they operate their companies when choosing the right training schedule for their new maids. 

2. Do Not Forget Soft Skills

Even if a maid has all the skills of knowing how to clean properly, they may be lacking in their soft skills, which are just as important for customer interaction. Adding work ethic, creative thinking, and communication skills training to the mix will help produce more effective maids. 

3. Train for Extras

It is imperative cleaning service owners take pride in their employees. Employees should be given reasonable permission to go above and beyond for their customers. Offering extra carpet cleaning or other services can go a long way towards customer retention. Maids should be encouraged to keep careful notes on their customers so they can offer effective extras that speak to the customers’ needs. 

4. Focus on Developing Lucrative Relationships

The goal of every maid should be to develop positive relationships with their customers. The right software will help a cleaning business owner to interact with their customers and better serve their needs. Software helps to streamline customer invoicing and is helpful in tracking spending and employee scheduling. 

Ongoing Training Is a Must

Although the initial training of new maids is important, ongoing training should not be ignored. Every maid in the company should submit to further training as new cleaning methods become available. An owner should never feel like their employees have received enough training. 

Get Started Right Away

The best method of training new maids is to start right away and on a regular schedule. The process of training new maids should never be rushed. Cleaning service owners need to get to know their employees and help them excel at their work. The process of training new maids takes time but is well worth the effort. Employees that are highly trained are going to feel more confident in carrying out their work duties daily. With the above tips, training maids will be much easier for owners.